Inspired and Frustrated.

A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune to happen upon a fabulous yarn shop. Madison Wool in Madison, CT is a petite jewel-box of a store with the most gorgeous collection of yarn that I have seen in a while. Perfectly organized and beautifully displayed, the yarn calls out to you like a wooly siren, urging you to pick something, anything, and knit with it immediately.

This is what I bought.

Oceanwind Knits

Oceanwind Knits fingering merino. It’s beautiful, and soft, and oh so pretty. And I can’t seem to knit with it!

Obviously, it needs to be a pair of socks. So what socks? I immediately went to my small library of knitting books and started searching through Favorite Socks by Interweave Press. I thought the Waving Lace or maybe even Embossed Leaves would be perfect for this yarn. But just in case, I printed out Cookie A’s Hedera since I’ve had great luck with her patterns in the past.

Monday night I cast on for the Waving Lace socks with my beautiful new wool, and equally beautiful new set of Knitpicks Harmony dps. I diligently started the cuff, casting on the appropriate number of stitches and working the first couple of rows of the lace pattern. It looked like my cat had haphazardly tangled up some yarn, chewed on it, and left it in a dusty corner. Somewhere along the way I miscounted, or misread, and everything was out of line.

Since I am a dreadfully slow knitter, it had taken me the better part of 2 episodes of Little People Big World (I’m a sucker for the Roloff’s!) to get this far. I ripped it out and shoved it into my knitting basket for another day.

Tuesday night, same thing different TV show. I really shouldn’t be watching Beauty and the Geek anyway.

So now my question is: do I power through and settle this grudge I seem to have with these socks, or do I cut my losses and start another pattern?

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