Surely people in New Hampshire knit

This weekend found me and my sweetie on a road trip into the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It’s late fall, and while somewhere in the back of my mind I knew the leaves would be gone, I never quite understood what we were getting into. You see, it is nearly winter in northern NH. There was frost on the ground, ice in the streams, and snow on those mountaintops! People were even starting to put up Christmas decorations; I saw at least 2 decorated trees up in private homes!


We knew it would be cold, so we packed extra coats and gloves just in case, and I of course packed lots of knitting. Two of my current WIPs were lucky enough to make the trip:


This is the Easy Flame Lace Scarf from Knit and Tonic in Malabrigo.


This is a basic 3 x 1 ribbed sock in Cascade Fixation. Stretchy.

Like most knitters, I had every intention of spending a lot of time knitting in the car, while sitting by a roaring fire in the B&B, maybe even in a coffee shop or two. Well, I tried. I really did. I gave the lace scarf a good couple of rows in the car on the way up before giving in to openly staring at the beautiful scenery outside.

I decided to turn my attention toward sniffing out a LYS in one of the many charming towns we stopped through. There were plenty of indications that such a thing would exist here:

  1. It’s cold. Cold people need warm things on their bodies. Knitters like to make such things.
  2. Winter is long and dark. What better way to pass the time than knit?
  3. There were about 20 little coffee shops and bookstores in which a person could comfortably sit and knit.
  4. I kept seeing handknit items for sale in the cutesy boutiques around.

After an entire day of such observations, I still had seen nothing more promising than a Quilting supply store. And then I saw this:

knitting-sign.jpg She’s knitting!!!

I entered Flossie’s General Store and Emporium with a cautious hope that maybe here I would find what I had been looking for: boxes of interesting yarn. Sadly, there was none. They did have these, though.


Hand braided rag baskets and trivets and bowls Oh my! I thought they would make wonderful storage baskets for yarn and UFOs.

My mother in law makes rag rugs, and I took this picture hoping I could convince her to make me a basket. Does anyone have a pattern for something like this?

In closing, I didn’t find a LYS in the White Mountains. Like Big Foot, I’m sure they exist, I just haven’t seen any. Until I do, I will continue to have faith that people in New Hampshire are knitting with beautiful yarn.

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  1. Hi!
    Sadly, it is true that there are no knitting or craft shops in or around N. Conway. I live in the area and do have a suggestion if you come this way again. Rosemary’s Gift Shop in Cornish, ME. It is located right on Route 25, and is only about 10 minutes from the Maine/NH line. Downstairs is full of lovely things made by regional crafters and upstairs is her yarn shop. It is where I learned to knit in her Thursday night classes, and she has all sorts of yarns. Her website is
    Good luck and come back for another visit soon!!

  2. Hi! On your next visit to the north country, be sure to visit Grand View Country Store! It is part of the Grand View Lodge and Cabins in Randolph, NH-which is between Jefferson and Gorham. The woman who owns it has been there for years, there are rooms full of beautiful yarns and patterns, and you can even shop online:
    I live about an hour and a half away, but have made the trek up to this yarn oasis 4 times this year alone!
    You won’t be disappointed….

  3. Thanks for the information! I truly can’t wait to go back to that area, especially now that I know where to go for my yarn fix!

  4. Going up there myself tomorrow and just found this listing online, though I’ve never been there and don’t even know if it exists:
    Woolie Fore Ewe
    48 Main St
    Conway NH 603-447-2229

  5. Hey, this place has a website and everything!
    The Woolen Rabbit
    131 Pleasant St.
    PO Box 1415 ~ Conway, NH 03818
    Phone: 603-447-5829 Fax: 603-447-5419

  6. There was a yarn shop called Busy Hands in Conway that sadly closed down about a year ago. I opened my own yarn shop Scarlet Yarn in Lancaster NH around the same time. Unfortunately winters in the North Country can be tough for a small business. . . we are hoping to move the yarn shop to Conway by spring . . .please visit the next time you’re traveling through
    Scarlet Yarn 299 Elm st Lancaster , NH

  7. My sister is visiting this weekend, so I started looking for a yarn shop in the area. (I’m in Franconia.)

    Amanda, my question for you is: why not Littleton?

    Perhaps we’ll take a ride to Lancaster.

  8. I spoke with Kim, ie the Woolen Rabbit…she said her hsband is working on a store front for her maybe in the summer…she sell fab kits though…check her out! Patternworks are about an hour from Conway Lambs Ear is about 20 minutes from there…good luck!

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