Finished Object Friday

Well, I don’t really have much to report in terms of FOs, which kind of makes my first Finished Object Friday anticlimactic. The knitting has been slow going between the second sock and my lace scarf…so when my hands got tired of wielding tiny wooden needles last night, I decided to pick up a cast aside UFO.

UFO Knucks Knucks in Rowan Felted Tweed

I started these in August, when it seemed like there would be a lot of time to finish them before it got cold. And they went pretty quickly. There is a slight awkwardness in the beginning as the pattern asks you to make all 10 fingers individually, keep track of them, then put them on your dpns in the correct order! Then came the challenge of joining them all in the round when they are arrange on 2 dpns parallel to each other. Once my hands got used to the idea, they went pretty quickly.

Until I got to the embellishment stage.

If you look at the pattern on Knitty, there are so many different designs and motifs. This is why I chose to make them, after all. And yet I had a serious mental block when it came to personalizing these for my sweetie. They have been sitting in my knitting box for something like 2 months, patiently waiting to be finished.

So as I said, last night the knitting was starting to feel a little tedious. I decided to pull out some embroidery floss and finish the suckers once and for all!

Here they are:

Knucks Cuteness.

With a secret heart on the underside of the left thumb

knucks4.jpg Aw, so cute!

It feels good to get these off my back and out of my knitting box. Now I have to get back to actually knitting. Maybe I’ll check on my Ravelry queue for some ideas…

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