I Know it’s Mine

Last weekend’s trip to New Hampshire led us to a mecca of shopping in North Conway. Before you hit the village with its unique, artsy little shops, you must pass through a gauntlet of strip malls and outlet stores. It was here that the LL Bean Outlet shone like a beacon to us from the side of the highway. I couldn’t resist; who knew what deals on flannel and fleece hid inside? And it was inside, among the other crazed shoppers that I overheard someone say “This would work really well for a knitting bag.” I spun around to see 4 racks bulging with the infamous Bean tote bag in all colors and sizes. Discounted. Should I chose a smaller, single project bag, or a larger weekend knitting bag? Decisions, decisions…after some debate and much pacing between the racks, I found the perfect bag.


knitting bag

Don’t you love those colors?!

It didn’t take long at all for me to cram in all my WIPs, just to see. They fit, and it stands open on its very own, which is wonderful.

The bag is officially mine, even if those initials aren’t. That’s the drawback to shopping at the outlet, I suppose!

And what’s that UFO peeking out of the new knitting bag? We’ll talk about that nightmare next time.

2 thoughts on “I Know it’s Mine

  1. your UFO looks like a sweater I am knitting with Lion brand Landscape. . . .

    LOVE the bag! I need to find a LL Bean outlet. the bag is PERFECT!

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