UFO delivers Frog

So I have been working on the previously mentioned socks and lacey scarf, but they’re not exciting me. So over the weekend I decided to cast on something quick and chunky and simple-to-knit.

I had a hat pattern from the book Knitting in No Time from Reader’s Digest that seemed like it would fit the bill. I had some chunky yarn, big needles, and a couple of hours to whip it out. I had so much confidence in its simplicity that I cast on while reading my favorite knitting blogs.

earflap-2.jpg Quick-to-knit Earflap Hat: Take 1

Things started out pretty well, despite the fact that I’ve never knit a hat flat and from the top down. I sat and read, knitting away with my ridiculously long and flambouant pink plastic needles.

Sure enough, about an hour and a half later, the knitting was finished. I proudly cast off, thinking “This is just what I needed to refresh my knitting self and get back on track.” Smugness gets us nowhere, it turns out. The hat was way too small–I couldn’t even stretch the sides close enough around my head to even pretend that I could seam it together.

So, I frogged it and decided I would start over, only this time I would do it in the round and decrease as I went.

earflap-3.jpg Take 2

This time I was so excited to get going, that I forgot about the edges curling. I even convinced myself over the course of about 10 rows that I would be able to block the brim into shape later. Not so much.

I just frogged it for a third time while waiting for my chocolate pecan Thanksgiving pie to bake.

frogged-yarn.jpg Take 3?

I think I’m at a knitting roadblock: I definatly need to pause and maybe take a detour or a pit-stop before I keep going.

One thought on “UFO delivers Frog

  1. ooh, I it when things don’t work out!
    I’m sure you will find something that will work out. Try the book. “not your mama’s knitting” It has lots of good patterns and they are really accurate on size 🙂

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