Show and Tell

At 7:17pm last night, I sat down with the blue socks, committed to sit and knit until they got finished.


A note about lotion and hot cups of tea:

I put lotion on my hands while I was waiting for the water to boil. When the kettle started whistling, I went and poured my cup of tea. Then I grabbed the handle of the mug with my still slick hands, causing it to slide and almost spill. In short, slippery hands can lead to tea burns if you’re not careful!


Back to my Finished Object story:
I sat and knit like a crazy person, through House Hunters and some entertainment “news” and before long I was sewing in the yarn ends. I finished just in time to put away the needles and tune in for another hilarious episode of 30 Rock (“who ordered the veal?”).


I think they turned out pretty good. And the recipient, my sweetie, is very happy with them too.


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