Yarn Melts My Icy Heart

It was a cold a dreary morning here in New England, the kind of wet, wintry day that makes you want to stay home and knit. We got our first snow yesterday, but nothing really stuck around. Instead, it melted and froze, causing things to be dangerously slippery. I was able to get some festive photos, though.



Yes, we’re those people that already have their Christmas lights up. And not the tasteful, softly twinkling clear lights. No, we like to muster up a little nostalgia of simpler times and put up the large multi-colored strands of lights. They provide a truly warm glow, a beacon of holiday cheer. And they won’t burn the house down, unlike the earlier generations.

After going out and fighting with the wet weather for a bit (it’s not fun to haul groceries into the house when its sleeting), I got a nice yarny surprise. A couple of months ago I joined a knitting swap which was supposed to include all the goods: yarn, a project bag, and some notions.

Here are just a few of the things my swap partner Lisa sent me:


Big Martha likes how the wool smells.


Spike likes how the wool smells too.


And I like how these smell.

Lisa also sent me a sock pattern, plenty of needles, a stitch holder, a cute book about gardening, and a project bag. It was a perfect surprise for a dreary, recovering from a head cold, don’t feel like going outside kind of day. Thank you!