Knitting is Really Cutting Into My Knitting Time.

I can’t stop thinking about knitting.

And yet I don’t seem to be knitting all that much.

I’m addicted to virtual knitting, or reading about yarn, patterns, and other people’s projects online. Blogs, Ravelry, Knitty, etc. have me transfixed, and instead of using my spare moments to knit a few rows, I use them to read about knitting. Here is my daily reading list:


Knit & Tonic

The Yarn Harlot

Lolly Knitting Around

Of course, as I read these, I am inevitably drawn into other websites, increasing the amount of time I spend reading about knitting. I love to see photos of yarn, works in progress, new patterns, and can never stop at just one.

I think I’ll blame Ravelry. You see, this all started when I got my invite into the coven of knitting. First, I loaded all my FOs into the site, then joined a few groups, then started looking for new things to knit, and got distracted by links to people’s blogs, and before long, an hour or a week or, in my case 2 months have passed with very little knitting to show for it all. Actually, I have been really good about finishing projects more quickly because I am excited to post them onto this blog, or change the status on my project page in Ravelry.

To make matters worse (or better, depending) I just discovered knitting podcasts. If the cleanliness of my house, the balance of my checkbook, and the neatness of my laundry basket haven’t suffered enough, they’re about to. Of course, the upside to listening to podcasts is that you can do other things at the same time. Ideally, you could knit. Or you can listen while you work, drive, fold laundry, or grocery shop (people looked at me and my earbuds a little strangely today at Stop & Shop). Podcasts are also a great friend when you can’t sleep at night but want to stay in bed.

I’m currently working my way through all the episodes of Stash and Burn. Their conversational style is easy to listen to while doing other things, and there’s ample information about knitting, their projects, yarn, etc. These girls are smart, funny, and interesting to listen to. And the music is fun too.

Also enjoyable is the new podcast, Yarncraft. These ladies are also enjoyable to listen to, once you get past all the adverts for Lion Brand yarn and the NYC background noise. They recently had a long interview with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee which was wonderful.

Knitpicks has a very informative podcast as well, but I find Kelly Petkun’s reading a little hard to listen to. She is clearly reading aloud, and she does so very slowly. But the content is rich and educational.

So this is what’s keeping me from my knitting (and household chores) lately. Perhaps this is why my lace scarf is progressing so very slowly…

2 thoughts on “Knitting is Really Cutting Into My Knitting Time.

  1. Oh no… knitting podcasts! I’ve resisted them so far, but if those are as great as you say, it may be time to give in to the knitcasts!

  2. I love Stash & Burn. I used to listen to episodes while running. These days, I’m listening to back episodes of Lime n Violet. And I always thought Kelly Petkun’s podcast sounded very, very polished, but it didn’t even occur to me that she might just script out every word before recording. I also like Knitting for Dragons, which is a newer podcast.

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