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I’ve been listening to the Stash and Burn podcasts lately (see previous post) and have been contemplating the stash habits of knitters. This knitter, in particular. I thought I had a lot of yarn, but apparently I am a mouse among giants with a stash count on Ravelry of 20.

Here it is, my meager stash:


I also have 12 skeins of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky waiting to be made into a sweater:


As a monogamous knitter, I don’t buy much yarn. I like to only buy yarn for a specific project, knit it up, and not have any leftovers. If it sits around for too long, I start to feel a little anxious, a little trampy. The yarn calls out to me with snide comments like “I’ve been sitting in this box since August; when are you going to knit with me?” and “I thought you were going to knit socks next.”

Since I started going to a local Stitch ‘n Bitch meetup next to a yarn store, my stash numbers have increased. We’ll sit and knit for a couple of hours, then an innocent-acting enabler will casually ask “Is anyone going over to the yarn store?” More often than not, we’ll all walk over together to ooh and ahh and fondle the new yarn and books. Some weeks, we all leave with bags bursting with wool, and a spring in our collective step. Other weeks, no one buys anything.

Personally, I am on a small yarn diet. I told myself that when my yarn box was full I couldn’t buy yarn until there was a place for it. That means I must knit before I buy. Of course, there is the small matter of my leftover vase…


What’s a girl to do with all these bits and pieces of yarn? Knitting the Jingle Bell collar helped a tiny bit, and there’s plenty of cotton to make a couple of washcloths. But what else is there? What do you do with your scrap yarn?

And while I’m showing you the inner sanctum of my knitting habits, here’s a flash of my needle collection:


I use wood and bamboo double points and circular needles for just about everything I knit. The straight needles are leftovers from when I first started knitting and thought I’d be thrifty by buying cheap plastic needles. I don’t think I’ve knit anything more than a single washcloth and hat on them! My most recent acquisition is the Harmony sock needle set from Knit Picks.

Oh, how quickly we knitters learn to favor the finer things.

3 thoughts on “Stash Flash

  1. ohhhhh I know what you mean! I ONLY buy bamboo needles. I LOVE Them. They knit so nice. I actually gave away all of my plastic/metal needles to the good-will. . .sad day. Who really wants to get rid of knitting items? Had to make room in my knitting box. . .

  2. That’s not a stash. This is a stash. (Just imagine Crocodile Dundee’s voice there.)

    I have two card catalog drawers full of metal straights (yes, I keep my needles in an old card catalog cabinet) that I almost never use. Most of them were my grandmother’s, but those are now mixed in with ones I acquired from other knitters or on my own. And yet, I only seem to knit on either birch or metal dpns or my Denise set.

  3. That is an impressive stash! At what point should it be called a yarn store or museum??
    I love your idea for needle storage–the cabinet probably is an interesting piece of furniture, too.
    Thanks for your comments!

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