Procrastination Vacation

Dear readers,

I will be going into holiday hibernation tomorrow. We are loading up the car and heading to Michigan for 10 days, and I cannot make any promises as to whether or not I will be posting. Right now I am writing when I should probably be packing provisions for the trip. I would rather be looking at knitting sites and writing here than thinking about how cold it will be in Northern MI and how many pairs of thermal underwear I should be packing.

The in-laws do have wireless at their house, so I could take my laptop…

All the presents have been packed and stacked by the door with care:


We always try to gift lightly, meaning we try to buy small, easily transportable gifts for family who are traveling (ourselves included). Things that can be put in the checked baggage and will survive a cross-country flight, for example. And I always hope to leave Christmas at my in-laws with less than we arrived with. This never seems to happen, however, and while I appreciate their generous gift-giving, I can’t let go of the year they gave us a queen size bed-in-a-bag. We were flying home for Pete’s sake! Oh, the number of times we’ve had to ship boxes home to ourselves because we couldn’t get them home on a plane… Fortunately for us, we’re driving this year, so the loot can expand to fit the confines of our car.

There’s always room behind the front seats for my knitting bag, I make sure of that. I will be taking the slow-going Easy Flame Lace Scarf, the yarn and pattern for the Citrus Yoke Pullover, and the Jaywalker socks I started this week.  Yes, I have reluctantly jumped on the Jaywalker bandwagon, but after some research found that it’s probably the best pattern for the yarn I already had.  So what if I’m a knitting lemming, joining the thousands of people who have already cast on.  I’ll just have to accept that some things are popular for good reason, and this may be one of them.


Jaywalker Socks by Grumperina in Knit Picks Felici in Atmosphere

This is the first time I have knit with this yarn, and it is wonderful so far. It’s a superwash merino/nylon blend, so it’s soft, a little bit stretchy, and the color is wonderful. I plan on making these for a friend’s birthday in the first week of January. Since I must be one of the world’s slowest sock knitters, I plan on working almost exclusively on these while away, damn the conseqeunces!

I have run into a couple of snags while knitting the cuff of the first sock, and can’t decide if I should frog back and start over…


Can you see what I’m talking about?

It’s there, on the right hand side of the sock: my imperfect stitch counting on the decreases. This is a simple knit 7, kfb, knit 7, sssk pattern, but for some reason I had trouble lining up my decreases in the beginning. Also, the ribbing is super stretchy, and since my friend does not have elephantiasis of the leg, I’m a little worried. The ribbing stretches farther than the leg; is this a problem? Should I knit the ribbing in smaller needles and switch when I get to the stitch pattern?  Should I ignore it and keep a knittin’?

I think I can put off packing a little bit longer while I look this up on Ravelry

Happy Holidays!


2 thoughts on “Procrastination Vacation

  1. Hi Sonia! I just got home from working a party and checked in on your blog. I love it….I’m amazed at the prowess with which you discribe this passion of knitting…..and intriged. I ‘m going to have to picture you in Michigan and if I were there I’d probably have to crochet…by the fire….watching the snow, with you.

  2. Sonia, if you have to suffer the cold in Michigan, perhaps you could warm up in some of our wonderful yarn shops. Not sure where you are, but Michigan is home to really great LYSs. If you are within driving distance of Lansing, you should not miss Threadbear, and if you make it on Wednesday afternoon (today!!) I’ll be there. We’ll warm you up. 🙂

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