This year’s list of resolutions:

  • Watch the entire canon of James Bond films, in order. There are 21 films, with a 22nd scheduled for release in 2008.
  • Knit a sweater.
  • Eat more sauerkraut. Apparently there are some amazing health benefits you can read more about here. Why wouldn’t you want to eat more immunity-boosting fermented vegetables?
  • Finish some craft projects that I started in 2007. Specifically, the scrapbook of the trip to India I took with my mom in ’06 and refinishing a chair we found by the side of the road this summer.
  • I guess I should say that I want to eat healthier and commit to a regular exercise routine, but doesn’t everyone? I do want to work on consolidating all of our favorite recipes into a quick-reference binder. Deciding what to make for meals each week is such a chore for me, and it would be nice to have things organized a little bit better. Any suggestions for menu-planning and grocery shopping?
  • And finally, I have decided to enroll in the Master Knitter course through The Knitting Guild Association. I am giving myself 2008 to complete Level 1.

That ought to keep me busy, don’t you think?

One thought on “Resolutions

  1. I think your resolutions are fantastic, and I think being a Master of Knitting is PERFECT for you! Good luck! Can I have some more knucks?

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