Two Balls and a Sock Puppet

Today was the Big Day: time to play with my new ball winder. After testing out all the tables in the house, I found my island to be the perfect place to attach the base and get winding. Since I don’t have a swift yet (the thing that holds the yarn while you spin it into a ball) I used a ball of yarn I had already wound the old fashioned way.


Conversion: 100 grams of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky= 4 cups

In a matter of seconds, I was turning the crank with glee, like a child eagerly winding up a jack-in-the-box. And I was just as apprehensive, waiting for the moment something scary might jump out of the box at me. But nothing bad happened at all. The yarn did not tangle or pop off of the spindle or anything.



I wasn’t sure just how much yarn I should wind into one ball (or is it cake?) at a time, so I eventually cut the yarn and started a new one.


There is no comparing the speed of this simple piece of machinery to that of my two hands when it comes to winding yarn into a ball. It’s like the turtle and the hare, and while I know that in general slow and steady can indeed win the race, in this situation I think it’s preferable to opt for speed. Hand knitting is so enjoyably time consuming that I’m willing to take a shortcut here and there to get ahead.

Speaking of shortcuts, I have not been able to find any when it comes to my Jaywalkers. I knit my little fingers to the point of atrophy over the vacation, and they still aren’t done. Worse, they won’t fit even the slimmest of feet, I’m afraid. I waited to try them on until after I turned the heel and could barely get my toes halfway down the leg of the sock. The gauge witch bites again! I don’t do gauge swatches for socks, do you?

I could not imagine frogging the entire sock, hours of my life wasted. I was feeling pretty proud of how they looked, too:


I was in the beginning stages of a full-on tantrum when, in a moment of inspired non-knitter brilliance, my Sweetie said “Couldn’t you turn them into wristwarmers?” Hmmm…I could do that. All is not lost, my friends! Jaywalker socks are now being transformed into Jaywalker mitts–all I have to do is rip the heel out, make a thumb, and I’m practically home free!


I could also turn it into a hand puppet…

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  1. I got the same ball winder from my daughter for Christmas and I did exactly the same thing. I don’t have a swift either. Isn’t it a miracle widget?

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