Truly, Madly, Swiftly

I have been happily winding yarn on my new ball winder, turning tight wads of hand-wound yarn into exquisite looking spools of joy. But there was still something missing from the process: the swift. Days ago I was perusing eBay in search of a bargain on a solid wood swift.  I bid on a couple of things and promptly forgot all about it. Until a couple of days later, that is, when I got a cheery message from eBay congratulating me on winning an item. It was all so easy…a little too easy. Click a few buttons, wait a few days, then find a box on your front porch. When I opened the box, I got a little intimidated.

swift in box

What is all that? I’d never used a swift before, let alone had to set one up! Luckily, it came pre-assembled and is pretty intuitive to use. All you have to do is find a table or counter to attach it to with this handy wooden screw.


Then comes the tricky part. I had this gorgeous new sock yarn that I wanted to wind up. So I removed the label, uncurled it from itself and then tried to place it around the swift with one hand while also trying to expand the accordian part with the other. It got a little tricky, but I eventually found success.


Then I just had to stand there and wind the crank on my new best friend, Winder. Cats came and went, only mildly interested in the whirling wood and yarn, I had a couple of day dreams, and within a few minutes I had the most beautifully satisfying spool of yarn. Looking at it felt almost like when I finish knitting something: exciting, proud, and ready to move on!


So I went back to finish up this week’s Mindless Knitting project, something I started because I was wholly frustrated by the Jaywalker debacle, and at a standstill with the Sisyphean task of finishing my lace scarf. I just wanted a finished object already!

ball band dishcloth

This is the ubiquitous Ball Band Dishcloth from the Mason Dixon Knitting book
by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne of the Mason Dixon blog.

This was the second knitting book I ever bought, and I had yet to try any of the patterns. I knit it up in a couple of hours on size 5 needles using two leftover balls of cotton yarn, either Peaches ‘n Cream or Sugar ‘n Cream or some ‘n Cream type of yarn…anyway it was a completely satisfying and restoring little diddy to knit, and I now feel refreshed enough to cast on a couple of things this weekend. Stay tuned and happy knitting!

3 thoughts on “Truly, Madly, Swiftly

  1. A swift will be my next acquisition too. The ball winder looks so lonely without it. Love the yarn, such deep colors.

  2. 3 things I MUST get now that I have seen them in action. . .
    1- A swift
    2- A winder
    3- A large pretty vase to store my left-over yarn balls in. . . .

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