Bond Makes an Entrance

One film down, 21 to go in my quest to view all the James Bond films in 2008.

Dr. No, 1962

Sean Connery as Bond, James Bond.

  • Setting: Kingstown, Jamaica after an operative goes missing
  • Villain: Dr. No, a Chinese mining baron with artificial hands. Didn’t his mother tell him not to play with radioactive sludge?
  • Diabolical Scheme: A criminal organization headed by Dr. No is out to topple world governments in order to achieve the usual: world domination. The immediate task at hand is to shoot down America’s rocket headed for lunar orbit.
  • Bond Girls: Miss Trench, a faux-Asian secretary, and Honey Rider
  • License to Kill count: 8
  • License to Bed count: 3

Conclusion: This is a delightful introduction to the perennial secret agent seducer.  There are fight scenes, car chases, vodka martinis, white bikinis, and a huge spider.  How could this disappoint anyone?  You can view the original trailer here for a taste of the action…