It’s Noro Time

Superbowl Sunday brought with it one of my new favorite things: yarn sales. Several of our local yarn stores here in Connecticut offered up an escape from the madness of The Big Game, providing a safe haven for those of us who couldn’t give a rip about football, or for those who look at watching football as a great opportunity to knit.

In any case, I found myself among dozens of other knitters at Yarn Garden, browsing the shelves for those wonderful yarns that just seem a little out of reach at their normal prices, or maybe a little out of our everyday comfort zones. I was in a whimsical mood it seems, craving interesting texture and bright color combinations. It was in this state of mind that I bought my first Noro.


Yarn: Noro Iro, color 56, 100g of wool and silk goodness

I purchased 2 skeins because it was 42% off (it was the 42nd Superbowl, you see), not knowing quite what would become of it. Yesterday the yarn decided that it wanted to become a seed stitch scarf; it’s a simple stitch that accentuates the interesting texture and shows off the beautiful color changes of the yarn.

Must get back to the Noro…happy knitting to all and to all a good knit!


One thought on “It’s Noro Time

  1. I’ve had a skein of Noro Iro for about a year now, not knowing what to do with it – I think you just may have given inspiration to do something with it! Kudos!

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