Desperately Seeking Spring

February an inevitability; it’s a month that reliably appears year after year, whether we want more winter or not, and damn whatever that groundhog says. There are many things I like quite a bit about winter: hot drinks, warm blankets, the first snowfall, candlelight, watching the dog roll around in the snow…and early darkness provides a wonderful excuse to settle in for the night and start knitting as early as 5 pm. In sweatpants. With hot tea. C’mon, I know I’m not the only one!

But there are things I desperately miss about the milder months of spring. Sunshine, the smell of wet grass, the first blooms of those bulbs you forgot you planted last fall, putting away the winter coat, driving with the windows down, and the sweet relief that the cold, dark days of winter are disappearing and new hope is on the horizon.

It may not be spring outside, but there are signs of new life inside my home. Enjoy.





One thought on “Desperately Seeking Spring

  1. I saw your name /blogon the passenger list for the upcoming cruise. Like you I knit, love my cat and dogs and drive a Mini Cooper S! See you soon!

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