A New Strategy

I like to knit socks. As a finished object, there is nothing more luxurious and indulgent than a pair of rich, hand knit socks. As knitting projects, they are portable, complicated or simple depending on your mood, and reasonably quick to knit. Finishing a sock feels pretty good, a little triumph in the world of knitting.

But then there’s that second sock lurking in the background, with its repetitive pattern and familiar yarn. It seems counter-intuitive to cast on for the very same object you just finished! Second sock syndrome, some call it; I just call it the knitting doldrums.

I have a new plan to avoiding this fatigue: finish one sock, then start another, entirely new sock. Finish that sock. Go back to the second sock from the first pair, finish, return to the second sock of the second pair. Make sense? Out with the old, in with the new, then back again.


Sock 1, pair 1.

So I finished the first sock of the first pair, and was about to cast on for a new pair when something kept niggling at me. That toe is awfully funny looking, said my inner knitter. “I know, but it’s finished and I’m tired of looking at it,” I said. “Let’s just start a new sock.” And so I left it for a few days, looking like this until I couldn’t take it any more.

This is where the photo I accidentally deleted should appear. Trust me, it was hideous: pointy yet square at the same time…

That’s my sock with a three needle bind off toe.

I decided to try a Kitchener stitch seam instead. The goal of this seaming method is to have an invisible seam when you are finished. The stitches appear to continue in the pattern and in this case looks like stockinette. Brilliant!



Granted, it looks a bit Frankenstien, but trust me-it’s so much better than what was there before! And the technique is pretty simple, once I got the hang of not letting the stitches fall off the knitting needles.

Try it on your next sock toe. You might just turn out to be a Kitchener convert like me.

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