Wrap Your Kitty in Noro

This scarf was started out of a desire to indulge my need for color, texture, and an improvisational knit. I also wanted something I could work on without employing too many brainwaves. Mission accomplished.


  • Yarn: Noro Iro, Color 56, 264 yards
  • Needles: Size 11. I experimented with smaller needles but found the resulting fabric too stiff.
  • Pattern: Cast on 17 stitches and work in seed stitch until you run out of yarn.

This is an incredibly generous scarf in terms of its length. I can wrap it around and around my neck and still have ends left over. When I stretched it out on the floor to measure just how long it was, Spike came to investigate.


He is just so good at the yoga standard, Downward-facing Dog. I’m a little jealous…

In retaliation, I decided to wrap him up in the scarf and see what would happen. He didn’t like it.


I think I’ll sleep with one eye open tonight.

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