The Comforts of a Washcloth

When I need comforted, there are a few core things that I can eat, read, watch, or do repetitively for relief: chicken pot pie, chocolate cake, Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver, You’ve Got Mail, Last of the Mohicans, and knitting a dishcloth.

I find comfort in being able to produce something so familiar you can let your hands guide themselves through the familiar territory of knits and purls. Knitting with yarn I already have on hand to create something bright and cheerful and useful is also immensely satisfying. In my career as a knitter I have probably whipped out a dozen washcloths for myself and others, and my degree of happiness with the process never wanes.

Here is my latest comfort, something I knit when I wanted to start a new project that I could finish in a couple of hours while catching up on TiVo.


  • Yarn: Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton
  • Needles: Size 7
  • Pattern: Ballband Dishcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting


What do you knit when you need a fresh start?

3 thoughts on “The Comforts of a Washcloth

  1. OK, I’ll confess…. I start new socks. Which probably explains why I have so many half-finished socks on the go!

    I love your colours; this makes me want to start a new dishcloth even though I just started swatching a new project this morning. Tomorrow I’m going to comfortknit all day!

  2. Absolutely Beautiful!
    When I need comfort, I need something that I can start and finish in one setting, so I make baby booties. . .I started knitting preemie ones because they are easy and hospitals need them!

  3. Oh my, your one is so much prettier than mine! I am exactly the same! Dishcloths are so good for an attack of startitis 🙂 I only did my latest one because my previous project ended up as an UGH and I wanted a FO as fast as possible lol. THis pattern is a good no thinking one I found. Some of the picture ones are pretty but you have to concentrate a bit more

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