A Winter’s Tail

You may have heard or experienced firsthand the recent snowstorm in the Northeast. I think it’s been annoyingly dubbed Winter Storm Debbie or Destiny or something. When did we start naming snow storms? Anyway, Thursday night brought a generous amount of soft, sugary snow which created accidents, delays, cancellations, and plenty of opportunities to stay inside and knit.

Not that I avoided the snow altogether; we have a dog named Big Martha who loves to play in the snow. So while it’s a bit of a trudge putting on the snow boots and tromping out into the woods, it’s quite worth it once we’re there.


We’re very fortunate to have access to this area of woods and fields so close to our house. It’s a great place for a nature walk, and Martha can run around off leash. Her favorite game is fetch, with the added task of digging for the ball in the snow.


Her face looks perpetually serious, worried even, but I assure you she was very happy.

I was able to get some good shots of the winter landscape during our weekend walk. If it looks pale and cold, that’s because it was!




In knitting news, I was actually able to get a good start on the Citrus Yoke Pullover. I have had the yarn for months now, and even cast on a time or two. But each time something wasn’t right and I ripped it out. This is very out of character for me; I like forward progress in knitting, and very rarely frog something. But, what’s done is done, and I am now committed to finishing this sweater before…well, before I can’t stand it and frog the entire thing and knit a felted dog bed with the yarn instead. I can’t make any promises here. But since I get anxious when I have ufo hanging around for any length of time, it’s safe to say that this will get finished at some point.

How many ufos do you have? What is the difference between a work in progress and an unfinished object?

3 thoughts on “A Winter’s Tail

  1. What stunning photos!

    I only have one UFO and I actually don’t call it a UFO, more a hibernating project, in hope that one day I will do a bit more of it or (gasp) actually finish it. Its a baby blanket and well…lets be honest…by the time I get it done she probably won’t be a baby anymore

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