Here it is, the big reveal of the Stitch ‘n Beach swag bag and class projects. Enjoy!

Swag Bag Galore


This little tote bag was filled with so much goodness, both from the cruise sponsors and other companies.


Yarn Pirate sent over some stickers & a set of circular needles. There were yarn samples from Spritely Goods, Material Whirled, and Homestead Wool & Gift Farm. Novelty items included a drink cosy from misshawklet and a needle-felting kit from Back to Alpaca. Thank you so much!!!

One of my favorite items was this Go Knit Pouch from Know Knits


I immediately transferred my sock-in-progress from a battered Ziploc bag into this. It has a loop inside to run your working yarn through, and another loop on the outside that snaps around your wrist. You can then knit standing up, snap it to your chair, whatever you like!

The swag bag also had 3 full balls of gorgeous, luxurious yarn:


1. Be Sweet Bamboo


2. Cascade Luna Peruvian Cotton


2. look up!


Overall, the classes were great fun. They were full of interesting knitters of various skill levels from all over the country. Some are knitwear designers, yarn company owners, beginners, and seasoned experts. It was immensely inspiring to be in the company of so many knitters, seeing and hearing about their knitting lives.

Then there was Debbie Stoller; she can describe knitting like no one I have ever seen and lights up a room with her wit and wisdom. She was approachable for questions and shared a lot of stories about her career as a knitter. I especially enjoyed her trunk show of items from her most recent book, Son of a Stitch ‘n Bitch. It was interesting to see and touch items that I had seen in the book before. I had an interesting realization, one that I always knew deep down: knitting does not have to be perfect. These items look perfect in the glossy photos in the book, but in real life they have so much character. The individuality of the yarn and the knitting don’t necessarily shine through from a photo like they do in person. What a treat.

Anyway, on to some of the projects I got to participate in:



  • Pattern: Slip Stitch Sampler with Debbie Stoller
  • Yarn: eh, lost the ball band…it’s definitely wool!


  • Pattern: No Plastic, Please mesh bag with Debbie Stoller
  • Yarn: Rowan Cotton 4 Ply


  • Pattern: Beaded Wristbands with Shannon Okey
  • I knit mine to cover up these ugly Seabands we were all wearing to fend off motion sickness.
  • Yarn: Naturally Yarns Merino et Soie 8 Ply

Unfortunately, I was not feeling well toward the end of the cruise and had to bow out of a couple of the classes. I most regret not being able to go to the Sea Socks class. Socks are my new niche, I feel, and that could have been really great. Oh, well, I still got to go on this amazing vacation, knit with some wonderful people, and swim with dolphins. I am so thankful for this opportunity and look forward to another knitting vacation in the future!

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  1. Hello,

    oh, the pink-green Shibui Yarn does have a name: it is called “orchid”.
    I just bought it, too, but unfortunately i did not see that is’s just 50 grams, and now it’s sold out 😦

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