Webs of Love


If you live within a reasonable distance of any type of local yarn store (reasonable being completely subjective, of course) you have a social responsibility to travel to it and buy some delicious yarn. I live just 80 miles from WEBS in Northampton, MA. It was ridiculous that I hadn’t been there yet. So, with some vacation days left and a day without a plan, my Sweetie and I decided to make the pilgrimage.

**It should be noted that whenever your significant other is willing to not only drive you to a LYS, but come inside and shop with you, you have someone really special on your hands. Someone that deserves a handknit pair of socks, at the very least. Of course, I knew we had this special something. After 10 years together it should come as no surprise that she has been so supportive of my new-found love of knitting and fibers. While I was shopping for sock yarn, she put together a little gift of knitterly delights for me:


The Knitter’s Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes, a compulsively readable and useful book.


Anyway, back to the power and the glory: Webs is located in a nondescript building at the end of a nondescript industrial road. I wasn’t sure what to expect, even though I had heard it likened to Mecca and heaven, and all things holy. When we stepped inside, I knew I was home. It is beautiful. And organized. And the employees are knowledgable and helpful.

I had been wandering around with an empty shopping basket for about 5 minutes when a friendly woman came up and greeted me. She asked if I had been there before, and then proceeded to show me around the store. She even asked what I liked to knit (I said socks) and then showed me all the sock yarn (even the stuff on sale in the warehouse). It truly was the most wonderful yarn shopping experience of my life.

Sweetie picked out two pairs of future socks:


1. ONline Linie 3 Supersocke 100, color 833


2. Regia Design Line by Kaffe Fassett, color 4254

It’s somewhat of a relief to have someone pick out her own yarn for a project. I can guess what someone would like, but there are never any guarantees that it will be soft enough or the right color. If she doesn’t like the socks, I can always smile sweetly and say “But you picked them out, dear.”

I picked out two pairs of socks for myself, in colors that I thought would help invite spring and summer into my life.


1. Artyarns Ultramerino 4, color 136


2. Shibui Knits Sock, color 4201

I’m a little disappointed that none of this sock yarn has a great name for its colorway. That last one should be called something delicious like Watermelon Crush or Spring Fling. How do you get that job, by the way? I’d sure like to be the person in charge of naming yarn colors…


And I got a set of sock blockers too, just because.

This influx of new sock yarn has forced inspired me to reorganize my stash. I started by putting all of my sock yarn together in this basket.


I feel spoiled and loved and beyond inspired to knit pairs and pairs of gorgeous new socks.