The Spirit of Spring

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. ~Charles Dickens

Easter weekend was beautiful here in New England. It was still very cold, but the sun was shining through bright blue skies, promising that the warmth of summer will return. All that sunshine went to my head, and I thought it was time to buy some spring flowers and cast on a new spring colors knitting project.

First, the flowers I purchased. It’s still too cold to leave them outside overnight, so they are brightening up my house in the meantime.


White hyacinth


Purple & white pansies

Next are the flowers that have been brave enough to show themselves through the old fall leaves and frosty ground in my garden:


I think these are called snowbells…


Purple crocus

I find these spring bulbs so heartening, little promises that life goes on after the harshness of winter. They are little bright spots in my day, and I find joy in discovering the new life popping up in gardens all over town.

Spring has not only brought new flowers and longer days, but the urge to cast on new knitting projects as well. I have fought this urge back a few times in the past couple of weeks. There was a time when I wanted to start a bamboo tank top, or a skirt even. But I convinced myself that those garments were a little too optimistic. After all, the sun is shining but it’s still freezing out there!

And so I decided to cast on a simple drop stitch scarf in a new yarn I love. It’s the Jitterbug superwash sock yarn I got a few weeks ago. I have been eying it daily, admiring its freshness and colors that echo the new flowers in my garden.


The pattern is Morning Surf Scarf by Jackie Erikson-Schweitzer. I cast on 66 stitches instead of 76, hoping to stretch my one skein of yarn into a good length scarf/wrap for myself. It’s a pretty easy knit so far, which is exactly what I need. My more complicated projects have been languishing in my knitting bags.

Yesterday I decided to challenge myself to NOT look at any knitting-related websites all day. I have fallen into the trap of doing more reading about knitting than actual knitting lately, and while that has been a pleasure, I need to get back into the practice of daily knitting. So, whenever I thought to myself “I should look that up on Ravelry” or “I wonder if Yarn Harlot has a new blog post,” I made myself pick up the scarf. And it worked: I got about 4 inches done yesterday!

My next tactic is to allow myself to only check these sites once a day, instead of twice like I usually do. And finally, I am going to try to alternate working on this drop stitch scarf and my 2 pairs of socks in progress in a way that will allow me to finish them as soon as possible. I have yet to establish this master plan, however…

How do you manage your unfinished objects?

What is your strategy for completing projects?

3 thoughts on “The Spirit of Spring

  1. Yes I totally agree. If it wasnt for online knitting sites I would get a whole lot more knitting done. I am finding that trawling Ravelry every day results in lots of queue jumping projects and procrastination knitting because I want to try somethng new or see something I want “now”. So now I have made a list of what I am going to do next, loaded them as WIPS and I am only allowed to do those things. Nothing else. Not sure if this will work though lol

  2. I tend to fall into the same trap. I get a pattern that takes to long and take to much to do. So I leave it or Frog it.
    Like you I feel that theres a pattern out there on the web, I just have to spend hours looking and not knitting.
    I have only one project on the needles at a time. I can’t cast on anything new until I finish. So, I have one unfinshed and a long list of WIM works in mine. This is to help me finish a project.
    However, I still spend hours looking on the web and not knitting.
    When you find a way to get it all done please let me know.

    Love the scarf.

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