Knitter’s Thumb Prompts Mushy Memoir

My 6 Word Memoir:


Young love promises happiness and delivers.

I have seen this floating around on blogs this week and decided to join in. It seems to have been inspired by this NPR story, which was inspired by this book. And here is the blog that inspired me to write my own: Gubbinal

Here are the guidelines, should you choose to participate in this yourself:

  • Write your own six word memoir.
  • Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.
  • Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to this original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.
  • Tag five more blogs with links.

I hereby tag these bloggers: Nutmeg Knitter, Natasha B, Ariadne’s Thread, SweetP Knits, and A Friend to Knit With. Do what you will, fair bloggers!
Some of you may recognize this post as an outright avoidance of writing about my knitting, and it is. I have made minimal progress this week on my two most active projects, the Morning Surf Scarf and Twisted Cable socks, but nothing worth writing about.

I am actually experiencing some soreness in my thumb joints that has been preventing me from knitting for very long at a time. Could it be? Do I have a knitting-related injury? I’ve never been so lucky as to have a sports-related injury. I was a dancer and a (gasp) cheerleader in high school, but never really hurt myself. Probably because I try not to do anything risky where I could potentially get hurt! This knitter’s thumb makes me feel like I’m really dedicated and hard-core or something. Is there a knitting Olympics I could be training for?! In all seriousness, I hope this is nothing to be concerned about. I am going to take it easy with the knitting this weekend and focus on hanging out with my sweetie and friends.

Do your hands or arms get sore or tired when you knit?

What can you do to get “in shape” for knitting?


15 thoughts on “Knitter’s Thumb Prompts Mushy Memoir

  1. My left elbow and right wrist have been bothering me lately. I’ve attributed it more to a change in meds and my arthritis coming back than all the knitting I’ve been doing. Sometimes changing my sitting position helps. A pillow in the lap to support the knitting helps, too. Hope your thumb feels better soon!

  2. I’ve had the sore thumb thing before too, a few days of taking it easy on the needles (gasp) helped. I’ve been learning how to knit continental over the past day or 2 and notice my hands ache a bit, just different parts of my hands in use? I am probably tensing up in concentration lol.

    Thanks for tagging me! My first ever tag 🙂 Will have to have a think over the weekend for something as cool as yours

  3. I live in dread of an injury keeping me away from my knitting…. I think using circulars helps my hands and arms to stay pain-free. I really long to improve my continental style, which I find tedious and slow. Maybe we should form a Continental Support Group as I hear it puts lots less stress on the hands once you get used to it.

    And thanks for tagging me, too… Wonder what I’ll come up with…..

  4. My Mom had Tennis Elbow from knitting and had to quit for a while, but she is 80 now and just finished an afghan for my niece to take to college soon.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. It is so special for a newbie to know I am not alone out there in cyberspace.

  5. I knit continental but have still sometimes had problems. It’s micro-changes to technique that I have found helpful – figuring out which movement causes the problem is hard though!

    My six-word memoir:

    Ignored by mother; found love anyway.

    Not publishing it on my own blog for obvious reasons!

  6. Hi! Much to my dismay, I have developed a lot of pain in my left thumb. I am a compulive knitter, and I am encouraged, and also dismayed (!) to hear that laying off the knitting for a little while will help. I take a nutritional product that has helped me and others elimnate other joint and disk issues, so I am hoping if I increase it for a while, I will get relief from that. I am happy to find your site. I just typed in Knitters Thumb! Didn’t even know if there was such a thing!

  7. There is such a thing as Kniotter’s Thumb, I have it badly. It is the joint at the top of the thumb where it joins the hand. I believe there is an article about it at the Mayo Clinic website.
    It can be very painful.
    So accept the fact that you have a knitting related injury OL

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