Knitting Probation

Do you know how much yarn you own?

I didn’t. I just knew I had a basket full of sock yarn and a box full of all my other yarn. My stash count on Ravelry is up to 42. This hasn’t really bothered me before. Yarn is a beautiful thing to be surrounded by, especially if it is stored in such a way that it can be enjoyed. But my beautiful box of yarn, the one that was organized by yarn type and color, is now filled with bags of knitting.

I currently have 8 unfinished projects, works in progress, and hybernating items. Whatever you want to call them, they’re there, draining my knitterly spirit of the will to knit. It’s just too much!

Here is everything I am working on, with the percentage completed:

  1. Embossed Leaves Socks–50%
  2. Diagonal Cross Rib Socks–50%
  3. Morning Surf Scarf–60%
  4. Spiderweb Capelet–25%
  5. No Plastic, Please market bag–40%
  6. Kittyville Hat 80%
  7. Garter Stitch Scarf–50%
  8. TKGA Master Level 1 Swatches–5%

And so it is with determination and resignation that I make the following statements:

I will not cast on any new projects for the rest of April…even when I finish one of my works in progress.

I will not buy new yarn in April.

I used to be the knitter that had no stash and knit one thing at a time! Now, excitement clouds my sense of order and I cast on new projects with abandon, with little thought of the effect on other projects already in progress. My devolution into this chaos has been fairly rapid, and can be directly linked to my participation in Ravelry and my recent knitting cruise. There are just so many great patterns and yarns out there-how do you manage to remain calm when inspiration moves you to start knitting something new?

And now this: self-imposed knitting probation.

Just for fun, I added up the yardage of my stash yarn. Here’s the count:

12,252 yards

36,756 feet

6.9613 miles

That’s taller than Mt. Everest by 7,727 feet! I think I may need some oxygen up here.

I look forward to sharing some finished objects with you very soon. Only 23 more days in April!!!

6 thoughts on “Knitting Probation

  1. Auditing stash is a dangerous thing to do. Wallowing around in the foothills vaguely surrounded by the fluffy stuff feels like a safer place to me!

  2. I feel very, very sorry for you! There are things in life that we’re just not meant to know… like how many miles of yarn we have stashed. Best wishes for surviving the next 536 hours!

  3. Which one of these projects will be finding a new home in my new home? It’s suppose to snow tomorrow, I wish I had a scarf and some awesome gloves ; ) Love ya

  4. I could have written this EXACT same post myself! I don’t know what happened, but I went from a person who liked to knit in her free time to a person who makes the free time to knit (and has a rapidly growing stash and pile of WIPs to prove it!). Good luck this month!

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