Raspberry Lemonade Liberation

Yesterday was a beautiful Spring day, the kind that inspired me to turn off the furnace, throw open all the windows, and bare my feet in flip flops. It also inspired me to make my favorite summertime drink: raspberry lemonade.

My recipe is simple:

  1. Put some ice in a tall glass.
  2. Pour as many frozen raspberries into the glass as you like.
  3. Top with Newman’s Own virgin lemonade.
  4. Stir and enjoy!

This tasty and colorful beverage in turn inspired me to do something with a couple of similarly colored projects on my knitting hit list.


Before / After

This was the No Plastic, Please market bag that I started on the cruise in Rowan cotton. It was a little small, but I kept knitting. It is meant to be knit flat, then folded flat and seamed up the sides. Wouldn’t this be better knit in the round on larger needles? That’s the thought that caused me to stop knitting. So, I FROGGED IT, and it felt great!

This is the Spiderweb Capelet from Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation, another cruise project. The beautiful frothy yarn is brushed alpaca in a subdued raspberry color that I love. The pattern is fun, but takes a lot of concentration to keep the yarn under control. So I sat down with no television or other distractions and whipped out a few rows. And this felt good too!

I think some projects are doomed from the start and should just be put out of their misery before they drag you down with them. Others are difficult for a reason, and the challenge is what makes it a rewarding project to knit. Some projects are right for certain mind-frames, and need to be put away until you can focus on them. I think I had some of all of this in my hit list, and taking the time to address each one has been liberating. I’ve made good headway this week.

Thank you for all of your encouraging comments! It’s great to hear your ideas and suggestions, and I love hearing your feedback on my projects.

One thought on “Raspberry Lemonade Liberation

  1. I like your plan and that you are addressing the ‘needs’ of your wips LoL. I should really do that myself. My last wip was an UGH and I really should have taken a leaf from your book and frogged. I usually get impatient tho and just steam on ahead. One day I will learn

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