Sister Scarf

Cascade Tuscany Grande super bulky in Celedon and Sunrise.

This is some interesting yarn that I picked up with no idea what I would ever knit with it. While my sister was visiting in March, I blodly told her she could look through my stash, pick a yarn, and I would knit her something with it. She chose this. I fiddled around with a couple different things before deciding a simple garter stitch scarf on size 10 needles would be the best way to highlight the varigations of color and texture.

The scarf started out with purple as the main color. Every 10 rows I threw in a couple of green stripes for added interest. Then, when the scarf got to looking about halfway finished, I transitioned through some more stripes to make green the main color.

This has been a great improvisational project to work on in between more complicated patterns. The colors are fresh and cheerful, the knitting easy to work while watching bad television. But it had been languishing in my knitting basket playing second fiddle to the lace and sock projects. Well no more! It is finished, dear sister, all except for weaving in the loose yarn ends, and will be on it’s way to you soon!

Knitting Probation stats:

  • 5 projects down, 3 to go
  • 12 days until I can buy yarn or cast on a new project!

In other news, I ordered the new Yarn Harlot’s book, Things I Learned From Knitting…whether I wanted to or not from Amazon this week. I think it was listed for $8.75 or so, plus $3.99 for basic shipping. I was anxious to get my hands on the book, but didn’t want to pay extra for expedited shipping. So, I clicked, paid, and resigned myself to the 7-10 day wait.

Then, 2 days later, a little surprise was waiting in my mail box! I love it when patience it rewarded quickly.

4 thoughts on “Sister Scarf

  1. I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to wear it, I sure could have uesed it on our lovely field trip to City of Rocks for Geology. Sadly though I think the wind took a hit on me and my throat is scratchy!
    Much love sister! Have a great Day!

  2. What gorgeous spring-like colours! And what a lucky sister to have you to make this for her…

  3. Lovely colors on the yarn. The texture looks like my first spinning attempts with the thick and thin parts. I was thinking a hat might be in order. I know your sister will enjoy the scarf.

  4. that is lovely sonia!! i really love green and purple together, i think its my fav colour combo by far. you have been busy! and go you on finishing all those FOs! i am so impressed by your diligence lol. and OMG at your cake decorating talents. they are awesome. will have to subscribe to your other blog to see all your gorgeous creations. 🙂

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