Another One Down

  • Pattern: Embossed Leaves socks from Favorite Socks
  • Yarn: Oceanwind Knits merino in Shiraz (it’s washable!)
  • Needles: US size 2/2.75mm
  • Modifications: I knit a regular 1×1 rib on the cuff using the long tail cast on, then a plain stockinette toe with Kitchener seam.

This pattern was a joy to knit. The leaf motif involves traveling decreases and yarnovers, so it’s interesting to work on without being too challenging. When I finished the 2nd sock I immediately had to put it on the blockers for a photo shoot!

I LOVE the Oceanwind merino sock yarn. This looks like a solid color at first, but as I knit with it I could really see the subtle variegation in color, from pale peach to a raspberry shade. Simple and beautiful.

For those of you keeping tabs on my progress, that’s 6 projects down for the month, 2 to go. I’ve already cast on for the 2nd Diagonal Cross-rib sock and have knit up a couple of inches.

My goal now is to finish this sock by the end of the month (that’s Wednesday–eep!). If I finish that up, all I have going are my swatches for the TKGA master level one, which is a long term project.

What I’m leading up to is this: I’m heading up to Northampton, MA on Sunday to see the Yarn Harlot read (event info). Northampton is the home of the temptingly well-stocked WEBS yarn store, this event’s sponsor. I know I said I wasn’t going to buy yarn for the month of April, but come on! This knitter doesn’t make it up there very often, and they have the best selection of sock yarn I have ever seen. Plus, I’d like to get some yarn to make the Lelah top for my next project…

The Harlot will be in the store signing books before and after her reading, so it might be a competetive shopping experience. Since I’m not that into getting autographs, maybe I’ll be able to skirt around that line and do my shopping… We’ll see how it all shakes out.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Another One Down

  1. Good grief, 6 projects in 1 month? That is a truly intimidating amount of knitting!!

    The socks are gorgeous – I agree, the yarn looks sublime! One to copy I think…

  2. Well, I frogged 1 project, and the other 5 were already started at the beginning of the month. It has been a lot of knitting, but it feels good to finish so many wips!

  3. Gorgeous. You are doing so well. looking forward to seeing your progress on Lelah. Thats a lovely pattern, I want to do it but will have to wait till the end of the year when its warm here again 🙂

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