My First Top

This is the Lelah Top from Knitting for Boozehags. It will be my first real garment! I certainly know better than to start without measuring myself or knitting a gauge swatch, but I did it that way anyway. Actually, I did knit a gauge swatch, determined I would make it on smaller needles, then got started. I’m wondering now if I should have increased the number of cast on stitches to compensate for the tighter gauge. Its seems like this might be a little tight. I’m already planning on doing extra repeats of the lace motif to make it longer. According to the pattern, I should be halfway done with the repeats. Since the lace goes from below the bust to the waist, I think I’ll be needing a little more coverage!

It’s knit with Calmer by Rowan, a DK weight cotton/acrylic blend. It’s a dream to knit with: super soft and slightly stretchy. I got the yarn on clearance from Webs–50% off! Fortunately it happened to be one of my favorite colors and will match my new tattoo perfectly!

This photo was taken just one day after I got it done. It’s still a little scabby, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what it really looks like underneath! Do you have any tattoos? How about knitting/craft tattoos? I’d love to hear about them!

I’ll be getting in some good  knitting time this weekend, so I should have some good progress to share on Lelah and my Windowpane socks next week. I hope you have a great weekend full of all the knitting you can handle!

7 thoughts on “My First Top

  1. Hi! I love your tattoo. I have an obsession with stars…I have one on my lower back. Its not open like yours is, its red, and I love it! I want to add some more around it at some point. I have another one on my shoulder, its Chinese symbols. That’s it, just two!

  2. I’ve got a knitting tattoo!!


    My New Tattoo

    I also have cherries on my back:

    My New Tattoo

    I also have a tattoo hidden in my “panty line” (you don’t see it ever, but here’s a sneak peak:

    Love your tattoos as well! Do you have any others?

  3. Love the lace, but sorry, not so crazy about tatoos. I am sure it is a generational thing (child of the 60’s). both my daughters have a small one on the back of the hip (hebrew letter aleph) but I am hoping they stop with those. My older daughter has a pierced tongue, and that makes me totally bonkers……….. what’s a Mom to do.

  4. I so want to get a tattoo, but have yet to decide on what or where… is there a story behind the two stars? I think they are pretty!

  5. Nice colorway and cute tat! (i thought that looked fresh!)

    I am planning out my next tat, it will be on the top of my foot and i am wanting it to be an unraveling ball of yarn with knitting needles stuck well into the ball with girlie skulls on the needle ends. I currently have 6 tat’s, but also the top and bottom eyeliner done to both eyes as well! Yup, they are addicting. I love it though as most of my clients think i am so conservative till i can shock them!

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