Sister Surprise

Friday morning I woke up at 4:30 am to fly cross country and surprise my littler sister at her college graduation. This has been a month in the making, and I was tired of keeping secrets and feeling like I was lying to her about why I couldn’t make it to the big event. We live on opposite sides of the country, you see, and only get to lay eyes on each other a couple of times a year. Understandably, she couldn’t fathom why I wouldn’t be coming to one of the most important celebrations of her life. I made murmurings about having to work, and money being tight, blah blah blah. I told our mom that I was coming, and a part of me expected her to let something slip…but she held that secret like a fortress!

I flew all day Friday and, with the help of my parents, arrived at Sister’s house for the big reveal. She exploded out the front door exclaiming “It’s my sister!”. At that moment I was simultaneously so happy to see her and sorry that I let her believe that I wouldn’t be there for her. When you live so far from someone it’s easy to underplay the affect you have on each other’s lives. I got caught up in the drama of the secret surprise and my own plans, forgetting that allowing her to look forward to our visit would be just as exciting.

She was finally able to wear the scarf I started for her when she was visiting me in March. I finished it during my spring cleaning/knitting probation jag, just in time for…summer? She’s also wearing the hottest of hair accessories: a size 7 bamboo needle!

We had a short yet wonderful visit, full of quality sister and mother/daughter time. There was the graduation ceremony, where my mom and I were unceremoniously vomited on by a toddler sitting behind us; a Mother’s Day shopping spree and dinner; seeing my sister’s new house and helping her pick out paint colors; visiting an uncle who is in Hospice care; seeing my dad for some one on one time; and teaching my sister how to knit!

We went to Michael’s (sadly, there doesn’t appear to be a local yarn shop where she lives) and she picked out 2 skeins of yarn for potential projects. We then looked through patterns on Ravelry and she decided on a little drawstring bag that she could use as a project bag to hold yarn. I love that she was already thinking ahead to the next project before she started her first–a sure sign that she will become one of us, a Knitter!

Incidentally, this pattern looks to be a great way to use up odd bits of leftover yarn. I modified it so she could knit it flat and seam up the sides. Silly me, I assumed that knitting in the round would be too intimidating for her first project. But after I showed her the long-tail cast on exactly twice, she grabbed the needles from my hands and proceeded to cast on 38 more stitches perfectly.

Then she decided she wanted a stockinette fabric, so I showed her how to knit AND purl. Not a problem for this sister. She is a knitting prodigy. By the end of the day she had about 4 inches of perfect stockinette stitches! Way to go, V!

All in all it was a wonderful trip, even though it went by in the blink of an eye. It means so much to me every time I get the opportunity to see my little family out West. I love you all!

Next time, I’ll show you all the knitting I got done on the airplane. Transcontinental travel = mucho knitting time.


6 thoughts on “Sister Surprise

  1. OH I Miss you already, and have been waiting all day to read your blog! It was the best weekend ever, and it looks like I should have paid more attention to my hair that day! I can’t wait to learn more knotting fun from you and for another visit! It means the world to me to spend time with you even if it is a weekend.
    much love sister!

    p.s. YOU KNOW WHY ; )

  2. It was the best weekend ever! What a trick it was to keep the surprise a secret. I’m so proud of both my girls and very fortunate to have had them all to myself for Mother’s Day. I could feel the Grandmas cheering in delight.

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