Works in Progress Report

My two works in progress are going okay; I am loving the Lelah top, and just finished the lace portion. Now I’m working on the decreases before embarking upon enough stockinette stitch to ease my mind into a truly meditative state of calm.

The Windowpane socks from the most recent Interweave magazine are progressing more slowly. I think in the back of my mind I know they are going to be too small, so i’ve stopped knitting them. But I can’t seem to bring myself to rip it all out and start over, either. I have a strong aversion to frogging completely after a certain point in a project. And I’m usually not able to cast on and start the same project again right away. So these socks are hibernating for the time being. Wait a second…could I call it a “design feature” to switch to larger needles 4 inches in?! Would that make a difference?

I have to admit that I haven’t gotten much knitting done since last week. We are preparing to move on Monday (!) and my days have been filled with packing, painting, meeting contractors, and making phone calls. Today I’m headed over for the installation of our new carpet in the upstairs bedrooms. It’s made from recycled carpet and plastic! Before you cringe, keep in mind that most carpet is made of synthetic fibers anyway. While I have turned into a bit of a fiber snob with yarn, I haven’t reached that status when it comes to wall to wall carpeting.

Off I go to paint and clean! I hope to get some knitting in during this very busy day/week. How do you find the time to knit when you feel like there is barely time to eat lunch? Or do you?

4 thoughts on “Works in Progress Report

  1. I’ve just knitted while eating lunch, as that’s the only chance I’ll get today!

    I do love the sock. Could you just start on the second one? No ripping for the moment, and you’d see it progress?

  2. knitting on a time budget. . .story of my life! I have a sweater that has been taking up my US8 bamboo needles for the past 6+ months because I just don’t have time to knit on it.

    Also, I find myself staying up WAY past my bedtime knitting

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