Moving: One Big Work in Progress

Yesterday I had a complete moving-induced anxiety-ridden breakdown. There were boxes everywhere, I couldn’t gain momentum with any project I started, and this whole moving endeavor was just overwhelming me. At one point I cut my finger on a piece of cardboard (much more painful than a paper cut!) and was gushing blood all over myself. I went into the bathroom to get a bandage only to discover that I had already packed them! When I went to the bathroom stuff box, this is what I saw:

I nearly lost it. Needless to say, I couldn’t unearth them and had to make do with a ratty piece of paper towel until the blood letting stopped.

So, I whimpered around the house for a little bit, picked up my knitting, went for a walk, and felt somewhat better. But I didn’t pack anything else for the rest of the day.

I think Big Martha is starting to feel the stress, too. This is the office, a room where I spend a lot of time, and thus she too spends a lot of time there, napping at my feet. But now that I have it filled with boxes, she is having a hard time relaxing.

I did manage to pack up all my knitting books, then threw some yarn on top and sealed it up. I immediately started to feel anxious, like suddenly all those potential projects and ideas were forever inaccessible to me. I know that they’re only there temporarily, and besides, there’s always Ravelry. Such a good distraction!

Which brings me to today. I am feeling motivated to pack up the kitchen. I must seize this feeling before it passes! So my strategy is this: for 15 minutes each hour, I can get online, knit, make phone calls, or anything else to help myself relax. When this time is up, I must get back to work. And to help the work along, I will listen to knitting podcasts. Today it’s Lime ‘n Violet and It’s A Purl, Man. I have already completed one cycle and accomplished quite a bit:

Now it’s time to get back in there and “do work” as Rob & Big say…

p.s. I tried on my Lelah top last night and–drumroll, please–it fits! More on why that is so astounding later…

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  1. Ah sister we totally on the same page, I just got internet, cable, and phone. And the first thing I did was check your knitting update. I am waiting for my appliances to show up and sat down to type a little. Much l-o-v-e and call me

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