Yarn Cabinet!

My new craft room is still a work in progress, but I got a key piece of the puzzle this week. We found this cabinet at Hey Day Antiques is Clinton, CT a couple of weekends ago. The craftsman makes new furniture out of recycled antique pieces and reclaimed wood. So this is an amalgamation of a Victorian table, some tongue and groove, and various other wood. After it’s put together, he does a decorative finish on the outside to unify everything, but leaves the wood inside as is.

And so it has become the keystone of my room, with all my yarn stored comfortably inside. Sock yarn on the top shelf, of course.

I think my stash is very happy in its new home, and after a week of settling in, so am I. Now, the boxes are calling me…

3 thoughts on “Yarn Cabinet!

  1. I love your cabinet. I am all about repurposing things to make something more useful. We did that very same thing to a child’s chest of drawers which now stores spices, dried pasta, etc. We took an old nasty looking book case and made another cabinet that I store my spices and other dried goods in. Last summer we took an old Ikea wine bookcase and made it a storage area for my yarn and yarn supplies. I just can’t see spending money on new things when the old things have so much character! You picked a nice piece.

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