From Ugh to Ooh La La

This past week has been one of uninspired knitting. You saw the washcloths; while fun and instantly satisfying, they did little to feed the fire that is my need to knit. Those washcloths were like fast-burning twigs, and I wanted something a little more substantial. While I waited for inspiration, I decided to try to tackle some of my works in progress.

1. Windowpane socks from Interweave Knits Summer 08.

I gave these a valiant effort, I really did. The color combination was killer, and I really liked the effect they were creating with the stitch pattern. But I knew almost immediately that the gauge was too tight to fit my foot. I proceeded stubbornly, hoping that if I stuck to it something would magically eventually change.

Someone at my knitting group suggested making the leg of the sock ankle length so there would be less sock to stretch over the foot. I thought this was a brilliant solution for my predicament, and began knitting a heel flap immediately. All was looking well until I got home and looked at the situation for what it truly was: a knitting flop.

I couldn’t even get the sock over my heel! So it is with sadness and a little bit of relief that I bid farewell to these socks. I may go back to the pattern later, and I will definately use the yarn again at some point. I am still in love with that Miss Piggy hot pink and Kermit green!

2. Funky Sock Monkey from Blue Moon Fiber Arts

I’m not going to give this too much attention other than to say that I was temporarily infatuated with a pattern I saw on the internet because it was popular and the Yarn Harlot raved about it….and when I got it felt disappointed. I cast on for the small sock monkey, and discovered quickly that a couple of things were not done in the most efficient manner. It all came to a head when I was working on the mouth and read that I was to put 8 stitches on waste yarn, turn the head inside out, put those stitches back on the needles, and do a 3 needle bind off. Fussy! If I hadn’t still been a little drunk/blind from drinking the Blue Moon Kool-Aid, I would have realized there was an easier way to deal with seaming his mouth shut. Instead, I followed the instructions, faltered at getting the stitches back on the needle, and ended up with this, after a brief and fantastic tantrum:

Should have Kitchener stitched the thing shut and moved on!

So all of this brings me to Friday when I knew I wanted to knit something with my loveley Araucania Pomaire pima cotton.

I spent far too long on Ravelry trying to find the perfect top to make with this yarn, only to come to the disappointing realization that I didn’t have enough yardage on hand. It was then that I discovered a blogger friend’s entry here. A one skein shrug, free pattern, and an endoresement from Sweet P was all I needed to cast on immediately!

  • Pattern: Shrug This from One Skein Wonders available free here
  • Yarn: Araucania Pomaire in color 4, 1 skein
  • Needles: US 10 1/2
  • Modifications: I cast on 63 stitches instead of 53. This was probably not enough; the front panels could have been wider to accomadate the girls and to add a button, and I could have used a little more room around the arms! I also made it a few inches longer than called for in the pattern.

This is an incredibly easy pattern, knit flat in one piece on straight needles! Perfect for the adventurous beginner or someone who wants a relatively quick project to highlight that single skein of beautiful yarn that’s been calling to be knit.

The Friday Night Shrug, as I’m calling it, definitely satisfied my need to knit with a particular yarn and finish something quickly. I think that is what my criteria are for summer knitting: light, colorful yarn paired with a relatively easy and quick pattern. That said, I have no idea what to knit next! Any suggestions?


6 thoughts on “From Ugh to Ooh La La

  1. Very cool indeed! That looks great. Isn’t it a nice easy pattern? I love the kind where you get an FO after not too long.
    As for your socks 😦 I was looking forward to seeing them too. I do hope you find something else for them at some stage, I really like the pink/green together too.
    Have you decided what next? I’m bogged down in swaps and gifts this month

  2. I LOVE My One Skein wonders book! I started this shrug with some yellow yarn I had left over. . I’m sure it was something my grandma had in the 70’s. I frogged it, but I have the pattern ear-marked for when I find some yarn I just can’t live without! Love your yarn selection!

  3. So sorry your windowpane socks didn’t work out! The yarn is really fun, too. Have you ever tried knitting toe-up? I like the method because you can adjust the fit as you go!

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