Knitting In Public

Saturday morning dawned, and with it came two great events: Worldwide Knit in Public Day, and the local Strawberry Festival. I thought it only appropriate to combine the two events into one great day.

I didn’t see anyone else knitting, and no one seemed to care that I was knitting, but the strawberry shortcake was good and the Army brass band was even better.

We kept running into knitting-related things

An historic house was open to the public for the day, and while Sweetie and I were entrusted to give ourselves a tour, we also snapped a few illicit action shots along the way. Who could resist?

I also unearthed some knitting magazines from the 40s and 50s at the flea market section of the festival…more on these treasures next time.

So it was a relatively quiet and unobtrusive day knitting in public for me. It was kind of fun carrying my knitting with me everywhere, pulling it out whenever I had the opportunity. This is not something I’m used to doing. Fun as it was, I’m not sure it’s a practice I am going to adopt on a daily basis; I kept getting my yarn tangled up with the car keys and camera strap inside my purse!

Do you knit or crochet on the go? How do you keep yourself organized?


9 thoughts on “Knitting In Public

  1. Your day looks lovely – fun and relaxing!

    I knit in public every day; I spend 70 minutes a day commuting by train, and that’s when most of my knitting gets done. I have a large handbag, which I compartmentalise with different sized washbags – biggest one for knitting, and a couple of others for phone, keys, wallet, lippy etc.

  2. I knit while I’m sitting around waiting for the children to ice skating, language lessons, home ed group, on the train, anywhere I’m going to be sat for an hour or more. I keep it in a separate bag that I can slip into the bigger bag we have for our bits we need to take
    Looked like you had a fantastic day

  3. Oh my gosh……what a lovely invitation. I’d better get that plane reservation sewed up! Looking forward to some time on the deck with you.

  4. 2 things-
    1- Your dress is adorable. . where did you get it?
    2- I love that you took your knitting with you to the strawberry festival! Next year we might just have to join you!

  5. Thanks! I got the dress last year on clearance at Ann Taylor loft–it’s cotton and very comfy. You’re welcome anytime–Lyman Orchards is very close!

  6. If you ever plan to scan this “Bear Brand Bucilla Yarns” from 1942 then please do it now! 😉

    I´m searching for a knitted dress from the 40s and you have the perfekt one in your hand! I do so adore this first Dress! Wow!

    So if you like, please scan and make a pdf out of it. Many Many Vintage Knitting Fans will be delighted!

    Many Greetings from Jackie!

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