Not Just a Weekend

It was more than a weekend; it was several days that were more like a family reunion than Independence Day, really. You see, on Tuesday my mom flew in for a much-needed visit. We live across the country from one another, so every time we see each other it’s special.  And to make things even more special, on Wednesday my oldest friend and her mom arrived after having driven something like 18 days across the US and Canada together. You know how sometimes when you’re a kid your parents try to force you to be friends with the children of their friends? More often than not it was awkward and forced, but occasionally, and these moments were rare at best, you found a true friend. This is what happen with E and me.

We have been friends since we were naked on a farm in diapers, and though the years have taken us farther and farther away from each other, that bond remains. There’s just something worth preserving in a friendship where there is no judgment or competition, where you know what you were both like in elementary school, where the other person knows what your parents are really like. The friends we make as adults have to take our word for it when we describe our pasts. Childhood friends know the truth and don’t hold it against you.

And the 5 of us (me, E, our moms, and my Sweetie) get along magnificently. We ate and drank well ( I was introduced to the Mudslide), played games together, and definitely laughed a lot. I want to thank all of you for taking the time out of your busy summers to spend some time in our neck of the woods. Love you!

While writing this I realized that it would have been great to get a photo of all of us together this weekend, which didn’t happen with my camera. Since I have a hard time publishing a post without a photo or two, I’ll leave you with some pics from the weekend.

Yes, there was some knitting at a baseball game. It was a great way to pass the time between innings when there was nothing to watch besides kids playing musical chairs and racing each other on scooters. Why can’t there just be baseball at a baseball game? It seemed like every 5 minutes there was some annoying commercial interruption a special activity brought to us by a sponsor. I know I was irritated, and it even seemed to affect the players. Sometimes they would be ready to keep playing and had to wait for the other stuff to die down. Grrr. Anyway, our team lost, but I got a couple of inches knit on a new project I am designing. More on that later!