New Zealand Swap Goodies

First thing’s first: I have challenged myself to write a blog post every day for the next seven (7) days. This is a challenge for a couple of reasons:

  1. I try to keep this blog mostly about knitting. When I’m sick or busy or doing non-crafty things, I tend not to write about it. I haven’t shared any of the more challenging bits of my personal life with y’all, and this week I might offer up a couple of tidbits.
  2. I may not have finished objects to share right away. Usually I keep something under wraps during the process and save it for a Big Reveal once it’s finished. This week I’ll fess up about all my works in progress.
  3. How much can I talk about my day-to-day life before it gets boring or self-indulgent? Who knows if anything interesting will happen, in life and/or knitting?

So while I can’t guarantee that these 7 posts will be dramatic or revelatory, I can promise that they will be a real slice of my life, a virtual tour of my week, and all the knitty gritty things that happen along the way. I hope you enjoy this little experiment!

Back to the regularly scheduled blog post:

A little while back I was reading a post on my blog buddy Sweet P’s site about yarn. Somewhere in there she mentioned that where she lives in New Zealand she has never had the pleasure of seeing Malabrigo yarn in person. “How could that be?” I asked myself. I see it every week at my LYS and had started taking its deliciousness for granted. So I decided to contact her and offer up a trade: I would send her some Malabrigo in her favorite colors if she would send me some yarn from New Zealand. She readily agreed and before I knew it I was at the yarn shop looking for the right colors.

It’s quite intimidating picking out yarn for someone else. Choosing a yarn to knit with is such a personal experience, full of intangible criteria for softness, saturation of color, smell even. So I did my best at guessing what she would like, put together a package, and crossed all my fingers. You can read about her reaction here.

I got her package in the mail just before the 4th of July, and boy did it feel like a holiday present! I tore open the Air Mail envelope so fast it made my house guests wonder what could possibly be inside. They seemed a little less than excited when I squealed “It’s yarn! From New Zealand!”, but I wasn’t affected. Inside I found an array of goodies:

There was a whole lotta NZ wool, plus some sweets to enjoy while knitting, writing about knitting, or for grabbing whenever I walk through the kitchen and see them…yes, I like the candy very much! One back of Minties, a chewy minty little tidbit, and Pineapple Lumps, delicious chocolate-covered taffy-like bites. Delicious!

Back to the yarn…

There’s a skein of Ashford tekapo, which is pure New Zealand wool in some great colors. I can’t wait to see how they relate to each other when knit up.

3 lovely skeins of Patons Jet, a wool and alpaca blend made in Australia. I have 150 grams altogether, and am not sure what I should make. And suggestions?

Touch 4ply merino sock yarn, made with “pure NZ Merino”. This is so soft, and the colors are great. Definitely something I would choose for myself, so kudos to you, Gabes!

This swap was a great experience. I have participated in a handful of other swaps through swap-bot, but never had very satisfactory results. I found that I usually felt a little disappointed when it was all over, like my money and time would have been better spent picking out things to keep for myself. But this was a totally different experience. I think the difference came in the fact that we know each other through our blogs and on Ravelry, and are therefore a little more invested in what we put together. There was no anonymity to hide behind: we were both accountable for our swapping actions. And I think we each held up our ends of the deal with style and class! Thank you for agreeing to the fun, and I look forward to trying it again sometime!


One thought on “New Zealand Swap Goodies

  1. YAY! So so glad you liked. Yes it is a little bit wierd buying yarn for someone else ….scary even lol. Hopefully the colours are all Ok.

    The Jet …one ball is enough for a pair of (short) handwarmer/fingerless gloves. I got my shrug (like the one you made) out of 2 balls. Hope that helps.

    Can’t wait to see what you make…..

    And yes! lets do again in the summer (winter) 🙂

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