Workin’ on My Fitness or, Can You Tell I’m Wearing a Thong?

I’ve hit that inevitable moment in a woman’s life when she realizes she no longer has the body she used to. Sure, I knew that I had some soft bits creeping in around the middle, but I rarely weigh myself and had no idea what had happened. That is, I had no idea until yesterday when Sweetie dragged my to our new gym for a workout.

The past couple of years have been challenging personally, as I have struggled through infertility and a miscarriage, plus a pretty serious back injury. I used to be reasonably fit and healthly, and at the beginning of trying to get pregnant I maintained that lifestyle. But as the months wore on and the disappointments increased, so did my weight and reluctance to exercise. Then last fall I nearly herniated two discs in my lower back and was told not to exercise at all. Add some hormone shots and more failed fertility tricks to that, and I slowly started swelling up. I could eat all the ice cream I wanted if I took the prenatal vitamins, right?! Knitting counts as exercise, doesn’t it?!

On our recent camping and hiking excursion, I reconnected with the physical strength within me. Turns out, I have the ability to power myself up a hill and back, and that is empowering beyond measure. I decided to try to get my body and soul back in shape and feeling strong again, even if it was going to be painful! So I have joined a swanky new gym with a steam room and 3 different types of yoga classes in an attempt to reclaim my body and invigorate my spirit.

Speaking of asses, I also recently started wearing a thong. I’m not talking about the footwear here, I’m talking about that intimate t-strap of fabric some people refer to as underwear. You see, I like to wear skirts in the summer but don’t like having a panty line. Somewhere I heard that the only solutions to that problem are to wear a body slimming device (aka Spanx) or a thong. Since it’s hotter than a sauna outside, I have opted for the latter.

Yesterday, while out at the grocery store of all places, I became extremely preoccupied with the thing. I felt like it was all hanging out back there and that I was making an arse of myself. So I asked Sweetie to walk behind me and let me know if she could tell I was wearing a thong. Fortunately, she said “No” and we moved on. But I couldn’t help feeling like everyone in the store knew I was wearing one! I can’t be the only one who has thong insecurity, can I?

When it came time to dress for my yoga class that evening, there was no way I was going to take any chances. I’ve heard other people complain about being behind that woman in yoga class with the inappropriate undergarments hanging out for all to see, and I didn’t want to be that gal. So I put on my black yoga pants, got in front of a full length mirror and did this sort of contortionist bend/twist (not a yoga pose that I know of) so I could see myself in the mirror. You know, so I could see with my own eyes whether or not my g-string was on public display. It was. My solution: wee shorts over the pants.

6 thoughts on “Workin’ on My Fitness or, Can You Tell I’m Wearing a Thong?

  1. Hi! Lurker, now post-er!
    I switched to thongs because of the hideous panty lines. I sometimes wonder what I look like from “behind” but I also know there’s alot worse “behinds” out there! I’m so used to them now!
    I don’t have to worry about workout classes because I’m in a class of one in my basement!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear of your struggles 😦 I wish you all the best for the future in that regard.

    BTW I think you look great!

  3. I hear you on the weight gain ect through infertility…it just becomes another thing to worry about so you kind of ignore and figure it will be ‘ok’. So I’m in the same spot, working on my weight and fitness before doing it all again….

    As for the thong…I figure we all wear undies so who cares about panty lines? This said by a girl who only wears ‘full’ 50’s style skirts and dresses…

  4. If this is the ‘before’ you, I have to say that you’re looking pretty great already!

    My worst yoga-yuk thing is when the person in front of me has trousers that are wearing thin on the butt – that’s when you really don’t want to be wearing a thong!

  5. There is another option besides a thong and Spanx. . . you can always go commando!

    I’m sorry to hear about the infertility problems! WAY to stay positive though! You are amazing!

    LOVE the socks in the next post by the way! I really need to get started on my first pair!

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