Weekend Widow

I also toyed around with the title: “While the Wife’s Away, the Knitter Will Play” to express what I’ve been up to this weekend. You see, Sweetie is gone hiking with a friend, and while I could have gone along, it’s really hard to knit while hiking a 4,000+ foot mountain. And that’s what I really felt like doing this weekend: knitting and thinking about knitting until I couldn’t wield the needles for a minute more. Then I would switch to crochet.

I’ve been hard at work on my sock, knitting away with focus and the determination to not be pulled away from finishing a pair by another project. I kept at it all through the past few days, turning the heel last night and hoping to finish the gusset this morning.

I still had the urge to start something new, though, so a couple of days ago I went to the stash and pulled out a few of things that were calling me, begging to be worked with. One was the Schaeffer Yarns Nancy that I got in Maine; could you ignore that for long?

I wound it into a ball (nay, 2 balls since the skein comes with almost 700 yards of yarn!) and let it sit until it told me what it wanted to be. Then last night around 10pm, when I would normally be in bed reading, I started messing around with improvising a rustic shawl. I started out in garter stitch with a simple yarn over on each edge, and got a few inches into it before falling asleep. Knitting in bed is a luxury I haven’t really explored before. Do you knit in bed? Will you knit in bed if your sweetheart is also in it?

This morning over breakfast I decided that I didn’t care for the shawl in garter stitch. So I ripped it all out and changed to a garter stitch border, yarn overs, and a stockinette center. Simple, letting the yarn show itself off. I think I’ll call it Grapes of Wrap.

Oop, that’s the purl side…but you get the idea. I’m not sure where this is going, or even if this will be my final decision for this yarn, but I have all day to play with it. Having the house to myself is a pleasure I will enjoy for the day, all the while looking forward to this evening when I will be rejoined by my favorite person.

P.S. I need a little feedback about this new layout. I love the colors and setup, but I’m concerned that the font is too small and light, making it difficult to read. In the above post I put everything in bold; here it is regular. Which do you prefer? Any other suggestions? Thank you in advance for your constructive feedback!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Widow

  1. Love the shawl. I read all my blogs in a reader so actual layout etc I dont usually see until I come through to comment. THe bold is easy to read but normal was fine also 🙂

  2. Bold Font is easier to read for sure
    I do knit in bed, and even when Greg is in it with me.

    LOVE the shawl you are working on! You are so talented!

  3. I love the blog no matter what you do with it! The bold is nice though. I check on you almost every day and get the feeling of being a little more connected. If I read it at work my co-workers always comment on your beautiful pieces as they pass by. You are always in my thoughts…

  4. What a fantastically self indulgent day to spend a day on your own!

    I found the bold typeface easier to read, but then I should wear glasses for computer reading and I’m not!

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