A Good Mail Day

It hasn’t been a particularly good hair day, but the mail? Yes, the mail was very good to me indeed.

First there was a little something from the UK. Looking at the envelope, I couldn’t imagine who would be sending me something from England. I have been doing a teensy bit of shopping on etsy, but I was pretty sure everything I ordered was from the US. There was a brief moment of hope when I thought maybe some knitterly treat was on its way to me from a fellow knitblogger (don’t ask how this would have been possible since she doesn’t have my address!). Then, as I was tearing the envelope open, I saw a little white box inside and remembered: Moo cards!

I saw my first Moo card when I met Nutmeg Knitter last summer. At that time, I didn’t have a blog and hadn’t heard of Ravelry or Flickr yet. I wasn’t a complete techno peasant, but I hadn’t yet incorporated technology into my crafting lifestyle. Needless to say, I’ve come to my senses and now spend way more time online than I probably should, but it’s definitely been a compliment to my life.

These are basically little calling cards using your own photography; tiny, cute, and so fun seeing my own photos on such a professional product! You should try it.

The next package was instantly recognizable.

I saw this necklace when I was perusing the bowels of the reviews and recommendations section of the summer issue of Knitty. Since it has been out for a while, I assumed the artist, Cupboard Scraps, would probably be sold out. When I got to her etsy website, I was delighted to find a whole array of vintage-inspired delights. Look: it’s double sided!

I may have also purchased a couple of vintage buttons last week…I’ll be sure to share those as they trickle in. What is your most recent impulse/indulgent/for-no-good-reason purchase?

5 thoughts on “A Good Mail Day

  1. Moo cards are so adorable. I got a box of them for my husband a while back for his concert photos. Now when people see him taking photos at shows and ask him about them, he just hands them one of his Moo cards so they can check out his Flickr site.

  2. Love the necklace. And your moo cards look very cute indeed! I agree with SweetP – let’s figure out how to do a swap!

  3. Moo cards are fab aren’t they! I got some notecards too and I’m really pleased with them.

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