Designing Woman

I’ve been dividing my time between the afghan, finishing my Hedera #2, and working out the design for my shawl. This designing thing is pretty swell! (uh, Mad Men has had an influence on my adjective usage, I see) It is seriously fun to have an idea, play around with it, and watch it develop into something tangible. I’m not saying this shawl is going to be anything earth-shattering and innovative, but it’s a big step for me as a knitter cum designer.

I never thought I would feel inspired to design something on my own. But slowly, I have. First it was the Jingle Bell Collar for my dog, then a scarf here and there, a kitchen towel, and now this. Who knows where this might lead: creative fulfilment, fame, world domination?

To get started, I sketched out some ideas for where I wanted the details to fall. Then I cast on and started playing around with different stitch combinations, ripping back to the start to try new ideas. After about four cast on/frog combos, I think I’ve found it! And it couldn’t be more simple and fun to knit. In truth, it’s been hard to sit down and knit my socks, when all I want is the fun yarn and ease of this shawl.

This weekend we are going to be working on some home improvement projects. There is the small issue of the dining room that has been hauting us since we moved in, one BIG unfinished project. We have spent hours and hours scraping two layers of wallpaper from the walls. I should have listened to the guy at the paint store who warned me, “I would pay any amount of money to have someone else scrape wallpaper.” Silly me, I didn’t think it would be so hard. Now we are finally ready to prime and paint the walls and set up the furniture how we want it.

I also have a 45-gallon aquarium that will go in the room, so once we are finished painting I can put that in place and fill it up with water. It has been sitting in there empty for a couple of months, as I didn’t want to fill it and then have to move it; the thing is heavy enough empty, I can’t imagine when it’s full of water. Bet you didn’t know I was a fish keeper, did you? I almost get as excited about fish as I do about yarn…almost.

As for my weekend knitting, I plan on finishing up the Hedera socks. The second sock went pretty quickly, but I’m stalled out about halfway through the foot. This is what they look like today:

I just have to grab a nice drink, find a comfortable spot to sit, and make myself finish it. Then I can enjoy the pure pleasure of casting on a new project! I already have some yarn wound up, waiting for me.

What are you up to this weekend? Do you have any projects that you are trying to make yourself finish before you start something new?

2 thoughts on “Designing Woman

  1. Looks to me like you are making very good progress on all fronts. I just finished catching up on bookkeeping, which I tend to put off……and now? I guess I’ll brave the heat (100 degrees) and go to my annual Legion Baseball game. It’s their District finals. Now how exciting is that?!?!? Maybe I’ll take my crocheting along, too.

  2. Ha! Love the idea of achieving world domination through the designing of knitted garments!

    I love how your shawl looks so far – beautiful colours, pretty stitches. Good luck with it!

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