Training for the Olympics

I’m training for the Olympics. The Ravelympics, that is!

Knitters around the world are joining together and challenging themselves to an Olympic knitting project this August. Here’s how it works: A knitter challenges him- or herself to complete a project from start to finish during the summer Olympics. The goal is to try and finish a project that would be a challenge for you to finish in that time frame of 17 days. For me, that challenge is going to be to knit a pair of socks. I usually let a pair of socks sit around for a minimum of 45 days before finishing on the second sock. If I can knit two socks in less time than it usually takes me to knit one, I will be thrilled.

I have decided to try to knit the Spring Forward socks from the summer Knitty. I plan on using Shi Bui knits sock yarn, which I have never knit with before. Since I don’t usually swatch for socks, I decided to knit a miniature sock as my “training” to see how the yarn feels. Not surprisingly, it’s difficult to knit just 16 stitches on size zero double pointed needles!

The good news: I like the yarn, and this is a fast, fun project good for using up little bits of yarn. I can see a tabletop tree decorated with tiny socks for the holidays, can’t you?

The sort of bad news: it doesn’t fit my sock blocker keychain! I guess I am a tight knitter.

More good news: The sock fits my black sheep! Sweetie suggested I knit 3 more…

Consider challenging yourself to accomplish something for yourself in August. Whether you’re a knitter or not, sometimes a little bit of outside motivation is all a person needs to give something new a try.

Since we’re talking about socks, I have a finished object to show off!

  • Pattern: Hedera, by Cookie A. (free pattern)
  • Yarn: Araucania Ranco Multy
  • Needles: US size 2 dpns
  • Mods: None! The pattern worked great for me as-is.

It feels great to have this pair of socks off the needles. I think this was my fastest pair yet, clocking in at 38 days from start to finish! I think this counts as training toward my goal of finishing a pair in 17 days. Now I’m off to work on some non-sock projects to get them out of my system. I want to be focused when the Opening Ceremonies begin!

3 thoughts on “Training for the Olympics

  1. Great socks! For the ravelympics I’m trying my first ever pair of socks!! They’ll be kid sized tho 😉
    Plus I also signed up for the cowl jump and the amigurimi toy toss. Yup I am sucker for punishment.
    I am hoping since these things are all little I will get them all done!

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