Knitter’s Block

I have knitter’s block this week.  I don’t really want to work on the projects I have already started.  I can’t seem to get excited about anything new I’ve cast on.  I long for that electric feeling you get when you see the pattern or the yarn that you must knit immediately or you might explode!

Next weekend I will want to start working on my Ravelympics project, and I think that is affecting my ability to knit happily right now.  I don’t want to start something too big, or it will be neglected later.  Something small would be perfect, and I’ve cast on for mitts, a neckwarmer, and a pair of mittens, only to rip them out after a couple of unsatisfying inches.

It was a big relief today to see that the premier issue of the Twist Collective magazine is up.  Check it out: you won’t be disappointed.  There is another new one coming out on August 4th called Knotions Magazine.  The fall issues of my favorite knitting magazines will be soon to follow.  There is no shortage of inspiration, so why don’t I feel like knitting?  This is shaking my world up a little bit.  I suppose it would be okay to take a little break and focus on my other hobbies until this malady passes…what were my other hobbies before I started knitting?!  I guess I could read a book.  Or clean the house.  Nah, I’ll just work on my crochet afghan!

What do you do when Knitter’s Block strikes?  Does this happen to anyone else?!

We are headed out to Boston on Sunday, maybe that will help shake things up a bit.  Can anyone recommend a fun yarn shop I should visit?

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Knitter’s Block

  1. Clean the house? *Scratches head in confusion* Huh?

    The Twist Collection is fabulous isn’t it! So many gorgeous patterns. Have a great time in Boston!

  2. I get knitter’s block several times throughout the summer. It’s directly proportional to how hot it is outside. The hotter it is, the less I want to knit.

    When that happens, I stop knitting for a little while. I know that something will come up to capture my interest sooner or later. I’ve actually been in a slump for the past week, but as soon as I saw Linden in the new Twist Collective, bam! Slump over. I swatched for it immediately and I’m impatiently checking the swatch every half hour to see if it’s dry yet so I can measure.

    So my advice would be just do something else for a while.

    And I’m sorry for the novel. Brevity is not my strong point.

  3. I talked about this myself on my blog. I put myself on a yarn diet, because in the past when I have felt this way, I just go shopping and build up my stash and future projects.

    I HAVE been spending more time on the computer with a glass of wine….it is just too hot to be outdoors or spending time with wool.

  4. Definitely went through the same thing a few weeks ago. Found a few so-so things and began them… only to rip them out a few rows into the project.

    Usually I just keep looking around for a pattern that will spark my interest but isn’t too similar to what I’ve already made. That usually gets the knitting train going again for me.

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