Forward Motion

It has been a pleasant and productive weekend so far, full of newness and creativity.

On Friday my Sweetie left town to go climb mountains, surf, and generally be outdoorsy with her sister in Oregon. While I was sad to see her go, there’s something about having the house to myself that inspires my creative side. There are a couple of projects to do, as there always are when you’re new homeowners, and I decided to tackle a couple of the more fun tasks.

1. Setting up my new aquarium! I am an amateur fish-keeper, and with the spaciousness of our new house and an economic stimulus package check in hand, I decided to upgrade. I have had the empty tank sitting in the dining room for a couple of months, waiting for the wall situation to be handled. There were something like 4 layers of wall paper to scrape, then patch and paint. Well, the walls and patched, and about a week and a half ago I got to fill the tank with water. I let it cycle, adding bacteria and water from my old tank to dirty it up a bit. After testing the water and getting the go ahead from the fish store, I moved my fish into their new 45-gallon luxury habitat.

It turns out that it’s really difficult to get a good picture of fish swimming through the glass walls. I tried; I wanted to show how happy they are, swimming around their new digs. I am especially pleased that some of them have taken a liking to the sunken ship in the corner; I love it when the fish swim in and around the decorative features!

2. Friday night I cast on my socks for the Ravelympics. I was a little distracted trying to watch the amazing opening ceremonies (seriously-a quarter mile long screen on the arena ceiling?), but managed to get a good start. Then yesterday I got off a few stitches in the pattern and had to tink back about 4 rows. here’s where I am as of today:

I am really enjoying this pattern so far. It looks way more complicated than it actually is, which is always a plus when trying to knit something on a deadline!

3. Yesterday morning our new couch arrived! We purchased it almost 2 weeks ago, and the wait was excruciating. It was probably good to have such a sense of anticipation in this instant gratification world, and it was definitely worth the wait. Everyone loves it.

Now I’m off to knitting group to see how much I can get done on the sock today. I am an excited girl today, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my sister this afternoon! I get her to myself for a whole week, and we have plans to shop, knit, eat good food, and generally enjoy each others company.

What have you been up to this weekend? Any other Ravelympians out there?

3 thoughts on “Forward Motion

  1. Your home is looking great – love the sofa! And I also love how your socks look like they could have come straight out of your aquarium, with those lovely watery colours and the pretty wavey pattern. I wish I could have seen the opening ceremony – can you believe that 2/3 of the WORLD’s population watched it?

    Go Team Mine!! You’re making great progress!

  2. I missed the OC because it was on 12-4am. Yawn. I’ve only just started my Ravelympic knitting too as we had a busy weekend. Love your fish tank

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