A Change of Plans

This weekend’s knitting brought me across the halfway line with my Ravelympics Project.

After turning the heel I discovered that my gauge was a bit small to fit my foot. You know the story: turn the heel, get excited, try the sock on your foot to see how it looks. Well, I couldn’t seem to get the sock over my heel… had this not been a project motivated by outside factors, I probably would have set it aside, pouted for a while, and ripped it all out later. But I want to finish these socks!

So I made the decision that they would be gifted to my sister-not-quite-in -law who has wee size 6 feet. This is a benefit in 2 ways: first, I don’t have to frog, and therefore this is not a setback at all. Second, the sock will be finished faster since it will be shorter than what I would have made for the size 9.5 feet in my house. It’s a win win!

To celebrate and give myself a break from tiny sock needles, I cast on a neck warmer in bulky Malabrigo. It’s a simple seed stitch motif and will have three buttons.

This is one of severaI original designs I have in the works. I am knitting and writing as I go, then knitting again from my notes and editing the pattern. The design and test knitting process is interesting and educational at the same time. I have a whole new appreciation for the work and attention to detail that goes into designing and pattern writing.

My first pair of mittens are complete! As you can see, the pointy thumb situation has been remedied. These will be a size small/children’s pair; I just need to work out the numbers for larger sizes, and then I will put the pattern up.

And finally, my sweetie is back from her Adventure Week out in Oregon. There was surfing, camping, and mountain climbing, but she still found time to bring me back a meaningful souvenir.

Time to get back to the knitting!

8 thoughts on “A Change of Plans

  1. Beautful socks! Spring Forward? I’ve been wanting to make those.

    No Ravelympics for me; we were away on vacation. No telly at all! Except one night in a bar on an island in the Caribbean, and the rest of my family was riveted to the screen…

  2. What beautiful socks! You’re sister-not-quite-in-law is one lucky lady!

    I’m so glad that the thumb problem has been resolved. I was going to bring the knitting book I use to make my mittens with me tomorrow night to SnB (I think I still will in case you’re interested.)

    The earrings are cute!

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