Ravelympic Rebellion

As the Olympics are winding down, so too is my enthusiasm for my Ravelympic knitting project. What started out as a fun, exciting way to participate in an international knit-along has turned into something that feels a lot like homework.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the idea of a knit-along, or even the project I chose. In fact, I had fun sharing my ideas and progress with others at first. I just don’t think I am up to the task of knitting under a deadline, even a self imposed one.

The first week (and sock) was great fun. But as I finished sock one and forced myself to cast on for sock two, I found myself lusting after other projects. I wanted to stay monogamous, but as you can see from my last post, I faltered and fell into bed with some instant gratification knitting. I kept telling myself that when I finished the first sock I could knit a neckwarmer. A little incentive never hurt, right? So I did the neckwarmer, and when I finished I was happy to work on the sock for a little bit.

Then yesterday I didn’t really want to knit on the sock at all. I took it to knit with a friend over coffee and couldn’t focus on it, in part because I was having such a good time chatting, but mainly because I don’t think I care about finishing on time anymore.

So I started a new project. It’s fun, fast, and most importantly it’s not a sock.

The pattern is the Unoriginal Hat by the Yarn Harlot in Crystal Palace Iceland wool.

Something tells me that as soon as the Olympics are over and I’ve finished the hat that I’ll have no problem going back to the sock. This is my rebellious streak coming out, I suppose. That’s something my friend and I were discussing yesterday: what does your relationship with your knitting say about who you are as a person? What does it mean if you are a knitter who enjoys starting multiple projects, or works on one project at a time faithfully? What about those of us who plan out our projects for a long time before casting on versus those of us who spontaneously jump into projects? Are you a monogamous knitter or do you have a harem of projects?

What, if anything, do you think knitting says about your personality? Please share your thoughts on this one; I am dying to know what other knitters and crocheters think!

For now I’ll stick to knitting what makes me happy while pondering the deeper meaning of my knitting habits…

5 thoughts on “Ravelympic Rebellion

  1. I think (I know!) I’m a rebel – tell me to do something and I will automatically be desperate to do the exact opposite! Sometimes I have even done this when doing the opposite is against my own best interests.

    I’ve just discovered that the Ravelypics end on Saturday not Sunday, so the ‘good girl’ bit of me that was trying to finish by Sunday is now completely buggered anyway.

  2. I love the color of your sock. And your unoriginal hat! Completely different, though.

    I like KALs, but not ones with deadlines!

    And I’m a fairly monogamous knitter. I’ll have two or three projects of varying concentration requirements, but that’s about it. I think because I need to have some progress to show on my blog! But I’ve only been blogging for a few months, and I’ve always been this way about projects. Driven, but not by deadline.

  3. I lost interest in my Ravelympics project as well… had to cast on something else. I even frogged the entire Ravelympics project. The deadline and obligation of it got to me, I think.

    I also have issues with knitting things for people who are expecting an item. If they know it’s coming, a certain obligation comes along with it and I am less inclined to work on it.

    I’m a rather monogamous knitter when it comes to big things like cardigans or sweaters… but I’ll always have a scarf or something small that’s on the needles as well.

  4. I always want to do something else when I’m pressured to finish something – especially when knitting.

    The hat is off to a great start. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

  5. Im done with my Ravelympic projects. I even did sock 2!! But I am a lot like you. Im doing some gloves now for a friend I arranged a swap with, they are very overdue but its taken me weeks to feel in hte ‘gloves’ mood kwim. So for me I always have more than one thing on the go usually. So that there is always something to do that suits my current mood

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