It’s Raining Yarn

It’s a darn good thing I took the photos for this post a couple of days ago.  When I took them, the weather was that perfect autumnal combination of sunny and crisp, with a slight breeze sending the scent of dry leaves through the air.  Today, on the other hand, is a grim, soggy mess.  I came home from my morning yoga class to find that the power was out, and one of my cats had been stranded outside in the rain.  The poor guy is a longhair cat, and I have never seen him looking so simultaneously angry and pathetic!

A day like today takes a little of the enchantment out of the changing seasons and reminds me that fall and the coming winter will often be wet, dreary, and dull.  On a day like today it is reassuring to know that I have plenty of warm, colorful wool to keep me company.

  • Pattern: Grapevine Cowl, by me!

  • Yarn: Naturally Me DK (merino & cashmere) in shade 800, 1 skein

  • Needles: US size 9 16-inch circulars

  • Notes: This is the double eyelet stitch modified to knit in the round.

I had exactly one ball of this yarn in my stash, just 110 yards to work with.  It’s been sitting there in the yarn cupboard, patiently waiting for its turn to be knit up into something warm and luxurious.  And what could embody those two things more than a lacey neck sock? I only had a couple of yards leftover, so it was meant to be.

Instead of posting the pattern here as I had originally intended, I am going to hold it back while I work on a new addition to this blog.  Soon there will be a tab at the top of the page where you will be able to find all of my original designs.  This means that I have to take some time to re-knit from my notes, write out the patterns in knit-speak, and figure out how to best format them for use on this blog.  And then maybe I’ll even find the tech-savvy knitter within me and get them uploaded into Ravelry…wouldn’t that be cool?!

This weekend means new movies, time to knit, and a trip to the local fair.  I really hope the weather cooperates so that we don’t have to eat our corndogs in the rain!

Have a wonderful weekend, finding time for all your favorite things.

5 thoughts on “It’s Raining Yarn

  1. Alrighty – well I appear to have a heat wave combined with drifting fog banks right now. Rain actually sounds like pleasant normal late September weather! But really, soggy corndogs just aren’t the same so I hope Mother Nature cuts you a break this weekend!

  2. Oh, and by the way, if you’re thinking of getting set up as a designer on Ravelry, it can take a bit of time to do. Just so you know!

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