Anything but Knitting…

In a strange turn of events, I find myself in the unusual position of procrastinating working on my craft fair knitting.  It’s 9:30 in the morning and I have been baking, cleaning, and doing laundry.  Not knitting.  Anything but the knitting for just another hour or two, please!  So here I am, blogging.  Thing is, I’m not really feeling the urge to delve into a detailed post.  That means I’m also procrastinating writing about knitting.  This is bad.

Some interesting things I did this weekend instead of knitting:

  • Went on a double-decker bus tour in Manhattan. Didn’t knit for the 4 hours we were trapped.

  • Operated a spotlight for a musical performance at a local theater. Couldn’t knit: too dark.

  • Ate fast food in my car while listening to NPR’s ‘Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me’. No knitting while eating!

  • Saw a hot air balloon yesterday morning while walking the dog.  Wished I was in it not knitting.

I guess this means perhaps knitting shouldn’t be my full time job.  Something about having a deadline and selling my wares for money has me in a twist.  This activity that I turn to for relaxation, metal stimulation, and escape has become something I am doing for Others.  And that changes things.  Maybe it’s the rebellious black sheep in me.  Maybe I don’t like putting constraints on my knitting.  Perhaps it’s just wanting to remain selfish with this one activity in my life. But I just want to knit my way, dammit!

This is similar to how I felt during the Ravelympics in August; after about a week, I wanted to knit anything BUT the socks I had committed to working on.  Now I find myself making lists of the things I dream of knitting when this is finished. A Hanami Stole, a sweater, new socks, something lacy with that ball of Kidsilk Haze I have lying around…

Don’t get me wrong: I am thrilled to be participating in the craft fair.  It has been a fun learning experience, to be sure, and I am so glad I decided to go through with it.  But the last week or so has presented me with these new feelings, and I am really looking forward to this whole thing being in my rear-view mirror.

The above photos were of my hand-stamped tags I will be attaching to each piece.  The knit is a garter stitch neckwarmer I made out of a skein of handspun yarn from fuzzyfibers1960 and half a skein of Cascade Tuscany Grande.  With a vintage button, of course!

8 thoughts on “Anything but Knitting…

  1. When you feel pressure to knit and produce, it’s no fun anymore! The love will come back after the craft show when you can just knit what you want. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  2. That’s the way I feel when someone asks me to knit them something! I have one mitten done for my niece and just can’t seem to cast on the stitches for the 2nd one. I think it’s because someone other than me is expecting it.

  3. I feel the same way about knitting. It’s mine, for my enjoyment. I don’t make commitments to knit for people. I make surprises for them, if I feel like it!

    But…knitting in the dark is a good skill to learn. A stockinette hat on a circular needle can be a patience tool!

  4. I feel the same. I really should be doing ‘work’ knitting especially as its warming up and the stuff I make is great for summer. Am I restocking? Well that would be no. I think knitting to sell adds a whole bunch of pressure and I ‘get over’ it pretty quickly. I think part of the thing for me is that knitting takes a long time (Say compared to sewing)

    Anyway I think your stuff looks great and I hope you get some last minute motivation to finish off your things before your fair!

  5. Your stuff is lovely! But I understand the lack of knitting desire when you have a deadline or need to make something work for someone else who may or may not love your knitting the way you do!

    Best of luck at the Craft Fair!

    Also, Greg was wondering if you and L are doing your annual Pumpkin carving festival?

  6. I love your tags. They’re so sweet!
    The one thing I found out during the Ravelympics was that knitting to a deadline is not really me. The TTL sock KAL I’m in at the minute is great, as a can knit a small section and then pick up something else without feeling guilty.

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