Not Quite Right

I don’t know about you, but I’m about finished with all these neckwarmers.  Knitting them, designing them, photographing them, and blogging about them.  I thought today I would catch up on a project I finished a few weeks ago that got eclipsed by other knitting: the One Day Beret. Or, as I’ve come to call it, the Not Very beret.

This pattern is straightforward and can easily be adapted for knitting with just about any yarn.  I decided to use 2 strands of fingering weight sock yarn held together for mine.  My first top down hat started out great.  I followed the instructions completely, doing the recommended lengths on increases and decreases.  It was looking great: slouchy but not too baggy, pretty yarn, perfect for the project’s intended recipient, a girl.

But then I got into the home stretch and decided to blatantly ignore the pattern’s instructions.  I should have known this would end badly.  There’s always a moment when you make a decision where it either feels right or it feels like you know you should have gone another direction.  Guess how I felt? ! You are supposed to go down a needle size before knitting the ribbing.  I thought things were small enough already, what with the yarn and wee needles.  I thought a twisted rib would help bring in the band a little bit.  Knitters, was I wrong!

So I have this beautiful beret with a not very functional band.  Ha-rumph.  Instead of a hipster raspberry beret, I have a pink tube on my head.  I guess it pays to trust the pattern and just have faith it will turn out.  If you want to make this great pattern, take the time to switch needles.  Otherwise, disappointment.

  • Pattern: One Day Beret from Through the Loops

  • Yarn: Claudia’s Handpainted Sock Yarn in Passion Fruit, 2 skeins

  • Needles: US size 3 dpns and a 12-inch circular needle

  • Mods: picked up 3 stitches at the top center of the hat and knit an inch of i-cord.  Oh, and completely ignored some of the instructions.  But you knew that already!

I look forward to trying this pattern again with a bulkier yarn and more attention to the details!

2 thoughts on “Not Quite Right

  1. You can always rip out the band and re-knit. No? The yarn is so pretty; you’d get a second chance to work with it! Still not convincing you? Yeah, sometimes when it’s over, it’s over…

  2. Oh dear, I also have to ask if this can be saved somehow? If not by frogging and re-knitting the band, maybe serious blocking of the main portion and elastic to tighten the band? Or even frog the whole thing and do something different with the pretty yarn.

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