Detours, Roadblocks, and Expressways

I’m enjoying a quiet morning at home.  I’m sitting here at the computer with a cup of tea, thinking about the days ahead and all I have to get done in order to be prepared and/or productive.  What is that about?  Do you feel like you have a never ending To-Do List, and no matter what you’ve accomplished the day before, there is always more to do?

I’m really feeling lately like I should be doing More, like I want to be contributing to the world in a bigger, better way.  I’m just stumped as to how to accomplish this.  Life has taken my plans and made me go on a big detour, and at this point I’m not sure if I’ll be arriving at my intended destination any time soon. So what to do in the meantime…?

Knitting, for starters!  Now that the craft fair is over, I have regained an open schedule with regards to my knitting.  I have been working monogamously on the Show-Off Stranded socks, and they are coming along quite nicely.  The pattern has a new-to-me way to make a heel: you knit the sock from the cuff down, and when it’s time to make a heel, you increase every other row to create a gusset.  You are simultaneously knitting the heel, the top of the foot, and the gussets. Then you turn the heel and keep knitting along.  No heel flap!

I have some holes along my gussets, but they match on both sides so I have elected to call them “design features” or “learning experiences”!

Bells has me feeling inspired to knit a little something lacy; she’s in a country where it’s almost summer now, and what a better thing to knit than lace in the summer?  I just want to knit something delicate, and some time ago the Hanami Stole caught my eye.  I have some luscious apple green cashmere lace-weight in the stash, and it seemed like a perfect pairing.

Then last night at Stitch ‘n Bitch I decided I would make a swatch.  This is uncharacteristic of me, but something was telling me that this yarn and pattern combination were to be taken seriously.  Maybe it is the 12-page pattern.  Maybe it was the fact that the yarn kept breaking as I handled it.  Both, I guess.  So I got started knitting a swatch, and after several rows…snap!  The yarn broke.  I don’t know if I can, in good conscience, continue knitting with this yarn.  Could I double it up?  Should I set it aside?  Will being worried or paranoid at the beginning of a project doom it to failure?  Can some of you experienced lace knitters advise me on what to do?!  Help!

Sweetie and I are heading out of town on a much-needed long weekend together, a trip born out of a culmination of things.  So I will be out of touch for several days.  I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, with more than enough time to create and be peaceful.

P.S. Squirrels love corn!  This one munched on a cob tabletop before trying to carry it in its mouth through the spindles on the deck.  Horizontal corn and vertical slots do not mix!  S/he eventually switched tactics and pushed it through.  Lucky squirrel.

4 thoughts on “Detours, Roadblocks, and Expressways

  1. Have a nice time away.
    I’m going to do something lacy too but it wont be till I get through this never ending & slightly overwhelming Xmas kntiting to do list. Talk about turn your hobby into a slave driver!

  2. That sounds like a cool way to knit a sock. Almost makes me want to try it! Please bring it to SnB and do a show and tell. Have a great weekend!

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